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Shanghai Nights: International DJs on Local Stages Again

Shanghai is dipping headlong into the weekend with all these essential, essential parties and events. We're teasing out a central theme this week: "international DJs". It's been a hot minute since we...
2023-05-12 16:30:00

Shanghai is dipping headlong into the weekend with all these essential, essential parties and events. We're teasing out a central theme this week: "international DJs".

It's been a hot minute since we've had to type out the words "International DJ" on the ol' SmSh event listings calendar, and by God, we've had to do it like three or four times this week. If you're into flavors of techno, on Friday night, Dada Bar has dub techno from Berlin Deadbeat + Tikiman, their first "international booking" since 2019. Across town, Potent hosts French producer Sina XX for some harder rave sounds. Meanwhile, Saturday night, Techno Is a Woman presents South African techno producer Soraere Brocken at The Matrix, sorry, Abyss.

Plus, you know... rooftop parties and shit. Scroll on through.

Lastly, pour one out — or drink one down rather — for Celia nightclub, who are closing their Jiaozhou Lu venue with two bar draining parties on Friday and Saturday night and looking to a future that will include just pop-up parties for now.

The afterparty is dead. Long live the afterparty.


The Antidote platform hosts in their first international act since 2019 (!!), Berlin-based dub techno duo Deadbeat with Tikiman. Expect a night of deep beats with live vocals as the acclaimed duo make their return to China after far too long a break. The part of the weekend for cutting edge, future techno music and deep sounds. 90rmb at the door. Starts 10pm.  

Today & Tomorrow

Moulin Spectacular

The Moulin Spectacular will be a night like no other with glitz, glamour and cabaret. At the show, performers will re-create and re-imagine the ambiance and decadence of the infamous Parisian Cabaret Club. The audience will follow the journey of two lovers as they fight to create a showcase unlike any other with scenes from the Cirque, the tease of Burlesque, the spirit of Drag and music from the Étoiles Rouges (Red Stars)

ALL hosts in a name from Portugal, Holly who has produced for CL, Gunplay, A$AP TyY, Jay Park, and more, and has toured in USA, Australia, Europe, Asia and South Africa- performing at festivals including Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, EDC Korea and Shambhala. Holly also won the first A-Trak Goldie Awards in 2017, in the category of Beat Battle. Trap beats and the some from this international DJ. 120rmb at the door. Starts 10pm. 

Unrelenting rave techno beats from French producer / DJ Sina XX. The French-Iranian is bringing his taste for basslines that will make you jump out of your seat. Support from DJ EBP and Gao Qiao. Hip hop beats in the other room. 100rmb at the door. Starts 10pm. 

LiveChinaMusic returns to Neo Bar with a new dispatch of rock and roll in all its rage, mayhem, allure, and glory with a smattering of post punk, synth pop, and psych rock - courtesy of acts like Disordered Clay, Tohu Bohu and GUJI. Scream into the void in Yangpu. 8:30pm. 99rmb at the door.

Class Action a party dedicated to all flavors of disco and house -- classic and nu. DJs JIMJ, Penny, and Cool Fayel are the captains of your musical journey on the night. Starts 10pm and goes late, late. 

"The start button has been pushed and now the hadron collider cannot be stopped. What will you do as it prepares to fire another electron at the observation core? Come join us as we dance and fire off hand held lasers to re-enact the spooky physics of quantum entanglement all night long!" Baby Yung (Trigg3r), Beardslap (UK), Chewie (a.k.a. LKX), PinkPing (AM DAO), and Third Wave (IGF,HK/USA) on the decks. No entry fee. Starts 10pm. 


Get ready to experience Space Panda’s ultimate summer opening party at the rooftop of Bellagio Hotel. This exclusive event will feature two stages with different music styles by 8 of the hottest DJ in town. Join them for an unforgettable outdoor get-together full of music and stunning views at the top of the North Bund, try out tasty drinks and snacks, with a crowd of like-minded partygoers all around you. Early Bird ticket costs 108rmb, presale for 138rmb (all including 1 drink).

MET Rooftop parties host a night at Atelier Izakaya 2.0 with a Coachella theme: "palm tree bohemian, desert cowboy boots and hats, California music festival" vibes. Special guest headliner DJ Huan Wei Wei in from Beijing. Big line-up of support in tech house genres. Call ahead to reserve VIP tables -- see the seating chart below. Runs 2pm to midnight. Pre-sales 118rmb. 138rmb at the door. 

It’s time for you to enjoy the best view of the Bund. Feel the passion and rhythm of Latin America and also perceive the blending and collision between different cultures! Big Latino Party on the rooftop of the Fosun Foundation Museum on the Bund with Shanghai's best Latino DJS. Scan the code on the flyer for pre-sale tickets.

Techno Is a Women -- a night showcasing women techno artists and producers -- celebrates its five-year anniversary in the latex-laden bowels of the Abyss with soecial guest DJ Soraere Brocken, in from South Africa. Expect extra strong beats and fast rythms from the headline, joined by Lena K and guests. Starts 10pm. 120rmb at the door. 

A line-up of bass DJs at Elevator, with your headliner coming from Switzerland, NVST. She's brining a little experimental electronica, techno, breaks, and everything else.  All-star lineup of support from SpaceReturn, Mousaaca, and Jiruinll. 120rmb at the door, includes a shot. 10pm.


Cornucopia #2

Heim hosts a Cornucopia of DJ talent for the second edition of this cross-genre party of plenty. Special guest is Chengdu musician Karmasub, bringing techno, house, and minimal sounds to the table, joined by 4 other spinners in two spaces. Heavy bass and happy melodies. 100rmb at the door. Starts 10pm. 

Roza brings back the Lovebox party, to their basement dance floor.  DJs for the night are Queenie, the supermodel and the well-known DJ, good friend Roni, and Chase Wang, bringing chic and good disco and house music. Starts 10pm. 


Brain Breaks


"The world is an exhausting exasperating place - sensory-overload, deafening noise, and simply too much for our brains to take in. So sometimes our brain breaks. But in the collapse of our cerebral cortex bliss can be found - peace of mind in the clutches of madness. Our brains break so our brains can take a break." This Saturday, LiveChinaMusic invites a motley crew of electronic music makers pushing their brains to the limit so you, the audience, can give your brains a break. Live sets from Beijing’s Loooongish Cat, Shanghai’s Blur Jesus, and New Zealand’s SLICEDUB - as well as DJ Empress CC. And Tatz keeping their neurons firing late into the night. No entry fee. 

Akaata is an Ghanaian American clothing brand that marries known African fabrics and prints with other materials to create ready to wear looks that aims to bring colours to any wardrobe. They're launching their Spring / Summer line "Fringes" with a runway show and afterparty open to the public. Starts 3pm. Scan the QR code on the flyer for ticketing information. 


Techno afterhours club Celia closes the chapter on another venue in their storied history. They're saying bye bye to their Jiaozhou Lu venue one last time with two nights of parties to send it off. Half-price booze available from guests between 11pm and 1am on both nights and all their favorite melodic techno and tech house DJs stopping by for one last ride on the wheels of steel. Call ahead for VIP tables. RIP Celia, see you again soon.

MUYA 3: Return of the Shred is finally here after a few years in which nothing happened and is back to collectively melt the faces out of each and every individual in attendance. Two nights of barely manageable mayhem as members of Shanghai's metal scene constantly swap out and play the songs that inspired them -- or they think just sound HEAVY. Players include members of: Rat King, Blood of Life, Chimera Cult, Headive, Syren, Lost Sky and more. It's chaos, it's madness, it's ill advised, and it's all live. Doors open at 9 and goes until the band members drop.