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[Shanghai Weekender]: Don Juan Musical, Karneval, M.A.N.D.Y, Swedish Metal & More

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2024-02-01 12:00:00

Arts & Stage

Led by the talented guitarist and singer Kaysar, the Roman Band will perform flamenco music that blended with folk music, Latin and gypsy jazz at the Lincoln Jazz Center in the evening of February 2.

Don Juan is a musical in French written by Félix Gray in 2003. Don Juan was presented in Canada (mainly Quebec and Ottawa) and in France with a total of 600,000 viewers all over the world. The soundtrack of the musical saw sales of more than 300,000 copies. What sets it apart from other French musicals is its strong sense of rhythm, complemented by vibrant costumes and flamenco dance. The visual impact is strong and provides an immersive journey into the heart of Don Juan. Update: All January dates are currently sold out. Shows from Febuary 3 to 8 still have limited seats available.

Growl is an English-language children's musical created by the British National Youth Musical Company. Performance by Serious Play. "Seriously play" musical is an international first-class brand of musical theatre created by Shanghai Fresh Prime Limited and NYMT. This is the real story of the Big Bad Wolf. As the forest guardian, the big bad wolf silently guards a beautiful forest and the small animals living there. Suddenly one day, a clever lumberjack and his cronies want to cut down the forest and build a new community. To beat the wolf, they spread doubt among the wolf's friends. The wolf and his woodland family will be tested to breaking point, and even the gentlest of creatures will learn that there are times when you just have to be Big and Bad.

From Feb 3 until Feb 29

America Rocks Live Show

The Pearl is throwing Red Stars and Stripes with the best of American rock. The Pearl’s house band Red Stars have planned a night of Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Imagine Dragons, Green Day, Linkin Park, Metallica, Nirvana and so much more. Doors open from 6pm, music begins at 8.30pm.


Popular German haunt, Zeitgeist gearing up for another one of their grand, enigmatic celebrations, bringing you the “real Kölner Karneval party feeling. Expect the best hits, delicious finger food and an all-night long drink deal! Entry ticket is 180 rmb including 1 drink + finger food buffet and a midnight goulash soup to keep the party going.

The Pearl’s Tribute series just keeps getting bigger! After sold-out series for Queen, Adele & Ed Sheeran, and Linkin Park, The Pearl’s Red Stars band will getting into the biggest stars of the 2000s: Maroon 5, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Gorgeous, talented dancers Sasha and Anna inject a bit of sexy glamor into their choreographed routines to lead the audience astray.

The Dragonovsky Funk group is ready to take you to the grooves and rhythms at Jazz Lincoln on January 28 and February 4, featuring Murray James(大米)on saxophone, Solden Bertrand on guitar, Gaston Bertrand on bass, Kira on piano and Jordan Bertrand on drums.


This Friday, Hong Kong-based DJ and producer Mr. Ho will be headlining at All, not only the co-founder of the acclaimed label Klasse Wrecks, but also a versatile selector who blends different genres and such as house, techno, bongo, acid, or electro. Mr. Ho has a knack for creating a romantic and captivating mood to keep one on their toes. He is also known for his collaborations with other artists such as Luca Lozano, Sacha Robotti, and Nanogram. Supporting Mr. Ho on the night will be three local talents: For.g.e, Illsee, and Bocai.

This Friday, the Twin Dragon event will feature two stages: the main hall Playground, where you can enjoy techno, trance, and house music from DJs like Man Sun Lui, Cardi L, and Onyx; and the small hall Guest Room, where you can groove to disco, funk, jazz, and hip hop from DJs like Little John, Rain Kuang, and Zeke. Don’t miss the highlight of the night: a stunning drag performance by Qianqian and Cardi L, the queens of Power Fashion, a drag electronic music label that combines style, confidence, and power. They will dazzle you with their witchy and voodoo vibes, and make you feel the mysterious energy of their music.

Legendary DJ and producer M.A.N.D.Y., co-founder of the iconic Get Physical label, will bring his signature blend of techno, house, disco, and indie electronica to the Shanghai underground scene. M.A.N.D.Y. is renowned for his groundbreaking work and significant impact on the global dance music landscape, as well as his timeless anthem “Body Language”. He will be supported by local talents Enzo Grasso and Gecko Hone, who will deliver their own eclectic sets of electronica, tech house, and disco.

If looking for a night of groovy music, dancing, and happiness, look no further than XINGFU BOOGIE, a party hosted by Roza on Friday. XINGFU BOOGIE will feature six talented DJs from China and abroad, who will bring their diverse and distinctive sounds to the dance floor. From minimal and rominimal to house, tech house, and nu disco, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The lineup includes Stefano, Tofu, Fufu, Kougar, Gattra, and Fayel, who will make you feel the rhythm of joy together.

Sat, Feb 3, 2024

Black Market

No work Sunday? Lucky you! This Saturday Celia Club will host a night of eclectic and immersive music from Blackmarket Collective, a group of DJs and producers who have transcended borders and cultures with their distinctive sounds. Originating from the vibrant streets of Vienna, Austria, Blackmarket Collective has evolved into a transcontinental force, with bases in both Shanghai and Vienna. The collective’s journey reflects an unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and creating musical experiences that transcend cultural landscapes.

Live Music

Luuv Label valiantly continues shepherding a musical exchange with Japan - giving the spotlight to the vast wealth of acts just across the sea. Their latest batch of next-generation acts includes upbeat Japanese pop act Friends - whose track ‘NIGHT TOWN’ went viral after appearing on a hit television show. Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Kojikoji fits more in the urban pop realm - intertwining elements of chillwave and lo-fi hip-hop into her tender melodies. Finally, rising rapper Kong Yin has quickly gained popularity with his brisk style and whimsical, resonant lyrics that are catchy hooks. 8PM. RMB 198/248

Sat, Feb 3, 2024

Zhang Meng

Known for his deft touch of the Sheng - a Chinese mouth-blown polyphonic free reed instrument consisting of vertical pipes (that’s rad as all hell) - Zhang Meng has been a fixture in the Chinese folk scene, as well as the experimental and psychedelic scene. As a rocker, he’s performed with everyone from Wu Tiao Ren to Utopian Daymare. As a soloist, he collaborated with countless orchestras and artists at home and abroad, including internationally renowned jazz masters such as Pat Metheny and James Morrison. A virtuoso indeed. Expect something masterful. 3 PM. RBM 65

Sat, Feb 3, 2024

Wasted Laika

Beijing art punks Wasted Laika had a killer 2023 - selling out tours left and right and dropping a live album - perhaps the best way to take in their charismatic theatricality. With an emotional through-line that strikes a raw mood, stripped back, with a touch of bittersweet romanticism - there is a lyrical depth to their songs that never feels cheap or unearned and a melodic drive whose attitude rings true and cuts deep. The band swings through Yuyintang Park - their latest in a stint of mini tours about China. 8:30 PM. RMB 138

Considered one of the most successful and influential Swedish metal bands in the world, In Flames have carved a unique path with their melodic death metal sound. With over two million album sales and with plenty of awards under their belt, their deft blend of aggression and melody in their work has made them trailblazers. Meanwhile, out of Germany, Kreator’s ferocious and thrash-infused sound has been a driving force in the metal scene for decades. Renowned for their aggressive and uncompromising style, they have earned a place at the pinnacle of the global metal hierarchy. Among the most influential and iconic acts in the world of metal - expect metal royalty out in full force tonight. 8 PM. RMB 580

OKOK - the speakeasy located below Bandai Namco - and one of Shanghai’s best-kept secrets for live music - throws down with their own CNY sealing hoedown with a lavish, jam-packed Sunday night Gala of their own. A wondrous rock and roll buffet that features everyone from garage rock favorites Hey! Lily! to cold wave brooders UNTERWASSER; from young indie pop outfit Green Young to hardcore terrorizers ButterSoda. Truly a bit of something for everyone - and luckily the last true live gig in Shanghai till after the holidays. Enjoy it while you can! 8:30 PM. FREE


“Seisiún 上海” is the city’s monthly Irish Social for fans of Ireland’s famous musical sessions. There’ll be a drink deal, live music, and Guinness. They’ve partnered up with Black Velvet Band, featuring Rory O’Neill (Cork, Ireland), Richard Morris (Coventry, UK), and new to the city Daniel Ryan (Cork, Ireland). They switch between mandolin, guitar and accordion while singing stories of alcohol and romance from the Emerald Isle. Join them on Friday, 2nd February for the craic agus ceol, free entry but table booking advisable.