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Pet Hotels 2020: Where to Board Your Pet While You're Away

A bunch of options for October holiday, updated for 2020!
2020-09-21 11:00:00
Photos: Brandon McGhee

From presidential suites and swimming pools to underfloor heating, here are eight comfy pet hotels for your dog, cat, rabbit or other. Remember to show your vaccination records as some places adamantly won’t let your pet board without them.

Prefer a petsitter that comes to you instead? Oh My Cat and Spare Leash offer pet sitting, while WeChat platform Happy Nest (WeChat ID: HappyNestSH) puts you in touch with pet-loving trainers, sitters, and groomers who all do house calls.

Jialiang K-9 Kennel

1858 Sanlu Lu, near Minrui Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
Jialiang K-9 Kennel

Since we last wrote about Jialiang, this Minhang-based pet boarding has crept up in price. Although its website seems stuck in the 90s, general manager Jenny (who also happens to be a vet) is very friendly and helpful. It’s worth mentioning that in addition to pet boarding, Jialiang also offers nationwide/international pet relocation services and is a member of the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA).

Price per day: Cats, 180-340rmb. Dogs, 130-460rmb.

Book: Call or WeChat (jialiangyujing)

Animals allowed: Cats and dogs only.

Services: Dog training, grooming, vet services, pet relocation.

Pickup: Yes, 380rmb flat rate.

Noble Pet Resorts

558 Jiang Xue Lu, near Wencheng Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
Noble Pet Resorts

Like B&M, Nobel Pet Resorts (known as Nobel Kennel when we visited in 2019) welcomes many kinds of pets but it's targeted at dog owners. Thanks to being located near a large park, dogs are taken on an hour-long walk twice daily, although the onsite ball pool offers plenty of entertainment itself.

Price per day: 158-288rmb.

Book: Contact via WeChat (17317293060)

Animals allowed: Cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, but primarily dogs.

Services: Dog training, grooming

Pickup: Yes, charged by distance. Roughly 200rmb if you live downtown.

Moi Pet

1015 Caoyang Lu, near Fengqiao Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
Moi Pet

Moi Pet is a cool place for cool cats and dogs. We first visited this place back in 2019; check out our first impressions here. Prices have gone up and rooms for October are booking fast. It still has space for cats and small dogs but all the big rooms are gone. If speaking Chinese is a challenge, WeChat the manager (wooftop) to chat in English.

Price per day: Cats, small room (150rmb), or large room (200rmb). Dogs, from S to M to L (180, 220, 250rmb). Includes playtime three times a day.

Animals allowed: Cats and dogs

Services: Smaller dogs are walked twice a day, medium, and large three times per day.

Pickup: Yes, 5rmb/km.

B&M Pet Hotel (Xujing)

1568 Huqingpinggong Lu, near Xiewei Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
B&M Pet Hotel (Xujing)

Named after the owner’s "famous" dogs Baozi and Mantou, B&M is a cute pet boarding business with three Shanghai locations. We visited the Puxi location (which opened in 2019), near international schools BISS, SAS, and WISS. Owner Golden Chen and his wife started the company in 2016, after he quit the Chinese media industry. Reception feels like some kind of pet spa with a paw-shaped desk and namaste vibe. The animals get underfloor heating, the air is filtered every 20 minutes or so (to prevent a build-up of doggie smells), and dogs are walked four times a day. It also provides a separate area for animals recovering from surgery and has connections with two veterinary clinics. Owners are required to provide their own pet food.

Price per day: Cats, 180rmb. Dog boarding ranges from 180rmb to 650rmb, with the most expensive rooms being the "Presidential Suites".

Book: Call or WeChat Golden Chen (GoldenChen68).

Animals allowed: Despite being geared more towards dogs, B&M also accepts cats, rabbits, turtles, guinea pigs, hamsters…

Services: Dog training, grooming, and even classes in dog training for kids.

Pickup: Yes. Free for members, or an additional 45rmb for downtown, 65rmb for Pudong (one way).

BuddyDog Training & Boarding (Feng Xian)

1249 Haisi Lu, near Nanhaigong Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
BuddyDog Training & Boarding (Feng Xian)

The southern location of BuddyDog doesn’t look all that welcoming from the road, but inside there is a long swimming pool for water-inclined pups, pricier pet rooms dedicated to bigger dogs, a welcome area for newbies, and a reception where you're warmly greeted by its four resident dogs, including the boarding’s namesake, Buddy, a 12-year-old golden retriever. Around back there are lots of rooms for smaller and medium-sized dogs, while cats snooze on the fifth floor. Dogs are taken out to play three times a day on the big grassy area at the back, and if it rains, the building has four big indoor dog play areas. Disappointingly, it doesn’t offer dog walking, which should be a standard, especially with the higher room rates.

Price per day: There are six dog room rates, ranging from 140rmb (standard room) to 380rmb (VIP villa). Cat rooms 120rmb-200rmb. This doesn’t include meals which are 10-25rmb per day.

Book: Call up or contact Bess via WeChat (BessZou).

Animals allowed: Cats and dogs

Services: Dog training, grooming, swimming (150rmb per time)

Pickup: Yes, 150rmb Pudong round trip, 200rmb Puxi round trip. 


Cozy Pet Town (Pudong)

151 Jieya Lu, near Jinxiule Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
Cozy Pet Town (Pudong)

Cozy Pet Town first opened in 2015 and is run and managed by TC, who also makes her own pet food. There are two locations: one each in Puxi and Pudong. The Pudong location has a huge pet park, Phoenix Land, where your dog can swim, run, and do all the doggie things they'd usually need a park for. Ball pool!

Price per day: Cats, 100rmb. Dogs from 180-280rmb depending on size. Pet park is 98rmb on weekdays and 128rmb on weekends.

Book: Call or add the owner on WeChat (cozypettown) 

Animals allowed: Cats and dogs only

Services: Swimming, training, grooming

Pickup: This can be arranged; free for first check-in.