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[Trending]: Cat Street, Coffee Culture, and Popular Hiking Spot, Yushan Mountain

A weekly roundup of the hot topics on Chinese social media...
2023-05-22 12:00:00

We're scouring WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu to see what's new and hot in Shanghai's social media landscape. Here's what people are talking about this week:

Fangbang Zhong Lu Has Become "Cat Street"

Shanghai just loves taking pictures in front of cute and unusual things, and this past weekend, Fangbang Zhong Lu became the go-to destination for just that. The street has been dubbed "Cat Street", lately adored with gigantic paintings of adorable kittens from cartoonist Tango in cooperation with Xiaohongshu and The Bund Finance Center.

Each cat masterpiece is accompanied by a charming self-introduction and delightful cartoons created by the talented artist. Set against the backdrop of the quaint, old Shanghai charm of Fangbang Zhong Lu, "Cat Street" is so hot right now, and the crowds are turning up in numbers for photos.

Shanghai Gets Buzzed at Coffee Culture Week

Shanghai boasts a staggering number of coffee shops — over 8,500 of them, in fact — so it seems natural that the beverage would become the focus of its very own festival. Shanghai Coffee Cultural Week kicked off in the Xuhui Binjiang area, showcasing more than 100 coffee brands, including international industry giants such as McCafé, Lavazza, Costa, and Peet's Coffee, alongside emerging local players like Yongpu, Nowwa, and Luckin Coffee.

Each brand is presenting their own spin on the bean with samples for guests. The nice weather over the weekend, the picturesque backdrop of Xuhui, and the aromatic brews themselves got people turning up in force — especially Shanghai's younger generation of consumers, who hold a deep affection for coffee culture.

Everyone Is Heading to Hiking Hotspot, Yushan Mountain

With the weather getting nicer, people's attention is turning to the great outdoors, and hiking trails are a topic that's trending on social media. There are a multitude of hiking trails around Shanghai, all within a two-hour radius, but one in particular is Yushan Mountain. Conveniently accessible from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, a mere 40-minute high-speed train ride will transport you to Changshu Station, making it easy to embark on a day of invigorating hiking.

It's one to check out for hiking enthusiasts. Or one to avoid if you're looking for a trail less travelled.