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Join A SmartShanghai WeChat Group

Follow the steps below to be added to one of our groups.
2024-02-01 12:00:00

Hey there. SmartShanghai runs a bunch of WeChat groups that can help you to stay up-to-date with our content. Check below for what groups are currently available.

  • Housing - Apartments - Here we post interesting new apartments that are listed on our site.
  • Housing - Shared Apartments - A selection of the stand-out shared-apartments that are submitted to our site. Not the full list, just a curated selection.
  • Jobs - Join our Jobs WeChat group to stay up to date on new jobs posted on our site.
  • Arts, Stage & Concert- Our editors pick interesting new arts and stage shows and share them here.
  • Deals - We occasionally share a few new deals that are listed on our site.
  • Kids & Family - Kids & family-friendly Events, Deals, Staycations, Concerts, Art Shows and more
  • Health & Fitness - Gyms, Yoga, Health, Wellbeing and Fitness Tips shared by our Editors

Here are the easy steps to join our groups:

  1. Download the SmartShanghai app (available for free on iOS and Android)
  2. Sign into a SmartShanghai user account (or create one)
  3. Enter this term into the search bar of our app and hit enter (including the brackets): [wechat]

  4. This will open a conversation with our community manager. Follow the instructions from there.