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SmartShanghai Housing Posting Policy

By Dec 7, 2012 Activities


8. 如账户收到举报(恶性竞争举报除外),经核实属实后,则会被冻结
6. 发布了非英文房源
7. 避免使用夸张的词句,例如:“best”,“excellent” ,“great”,“nice”等词汇,尤其不能在标题中使用。请客观的描述房源,请不要使用多余的华丽的修饰语
8. 不可使用广告法禁用词汇,例如:任何与“French Concession”有关的词汇
9. 请标注与实际房源相符的价格、地理位置、描述等信息
10. 不可发布与房屋租赁无关的信息,例如:您发布的图片为宣传家具产品
11. 请尽量上传自己拍摄的房屋图片 (盗用他人图片,或者图片有涂抹痕迹,均属违规行为)
12. 作为“非房东”、或者”非个人转租“用户,不可使用免费的“个人会员”,如发现公司用户使用免费的”个人会员“,您相应的公司会员账户将被冻结至少一个月
13. 不可在description里面填写公司信息
19. 其他的明显违规行为


我们只提供平台给专业的房产用户,请严格遵守网站的每个步骤要求,如有不明白的地方,请通过property页面联系support team,我们将在一个工作日内及时回复。


As property page members, please maintain the platform where clients come from. Although we have tried our best to block the fake listings, there are still many on the website. To maintain our common platform, we have to make some strict policies.

Before posting a listing, please take 1 minute to read the below guideline, to avoid your account from being blocked. The block time is at least one week.

1. If your property is not real existed or is not available to rent, please choose “advertising” listing.
2. If you choose “real listing”, please make sure that the property is real existed and can be rent at the moment.
3. If the property has been rented out, please delete your listing as soon as possible. If the listing is not deleted in time, your account could be blocked because of some reports.
4. If your account get report(s) (except reports from agency competitions), after the report is verified, your account will be blocked.
5. 2 same listings can not appear at the same time in your listings, please make sure that the old listing is deleted before you repost it online.
6. Any pictures or descriptions of the listings can not be copied from other users.
7. Non-English listings are not allowed to be posted.
8. Please avoid using the hyperbolic words, such as “best”, “great”, “excellent”, “nice”, especially not allowed in the listing title. Please describe the property objectively, and do not use the redundant and gorgeous modifier.
9. Please do not use the words, which are forbidden by the advertisement law, words such as “French Concession” are not allowed to be posted.
10. Please mark the accordant price/location/description according to the actual property.
11. Non-property related listings are not allowed to be posted here, e.g. with pictures showing furniture products.
12. Please try to use the pictures which are taken by yourself (copy pictures from other users, or erase other agency's logo from the pictures, are not allowed).
13. “Non-landlord” or “non-sublessor”, can not use the “free account”. If company employees / users post listings using “free account”, the related company account will be blocked at least one month.
14.No company information in the listing description.
15. Description is required.
16. Please choose the correct category.
17. No obvious poor title spelling.
18. Title can not be written in capital letters.
19.For Commercial Property, the permitted business type of the property must be described (for example ‘restaurant use’, ‘office use’, ‘retail shop’).
20. Other obvious abuses.

If your account has been blocked because of the above reasons, please do not tell us that your colleagues don’t know how to post, or it was a mistake. The system is very simple to use, please fill out your listings carefully. The listings can be revised inner 1 hours after they are posted.

We only provide the platform to the professional users, please help to follow the guidelines exactly. If you have any questions, please contact our “support team” through the property inbox message, and we will reply as soon as we can in 1 working day.


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