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Banking & Finance (29)

  • Stone Compass Associates

    138 1742 1445 
    5F Jiafa Mansion, 129 Datian Lu
    Stone Compass Associates are an independent Canada-based accounting and business-driven consultancy offering corporate advisory and accounting services to clients currently operating or looking to operate in...
  • Smart Business Consulting

    150 0098 2101
    5F, Building K, 26, Lane 168, Daduhe Lu, near Yunling Dong Lu
    大渡河路168弄26号北岸长风K栋5楼, 近云岭东路
    Smart Business is a China-based consulting firm with a focus on company registration, accounting, work visa application, they offer English-speaking service and one-stop service for setting up business in Shanghai....
  • St. James's Place Wealth Management Asia

    8028 5300
    Suite 2006-2007, 20/F, Tower 1, Jing An Kerry Center 1515 Nanjing West Lu Near Tongren Lu
    St. James's Place Wealth Management Asia is a British wealth management company specializing in financial planning, investment planning, tax planning, retirement planning, repatriation, and retirement for expats...
  • Richelieu International

    6313 0956
    3/F, Building 2, 360 Mengzi Lu Near Xietu Lu
    Richelieu International is a Malaysia-based asset management firm offering bespoke financial services in the fields of asset management; educational fee planning; life assurance/insurance; property investment;...
  • Shanghai Zixiao Financial Consulting

    138 1637 9136
    Rm 1012, Bldg C, 526 Nianjiabang Lu, near Zhoukang Lu
    年家浜路526号C幢1012室, 近周康路
    Shanghai Zixiao Financial Consulting Co., Ltd is a Chinese provider of accounting and financial advice to foreign start-ups in Shanghai.
  • Chung Rui CTAs Group Ltd

    2030 0360
    17/F, China Insurance Building 166 Lujiazui Dong Lu
    Chung Rui CTAs Group Ltd is a Chinese tax service company specializing in auditing; government purchases; appraisal; consulting; financial outsourcing; and taxation. It was ranked 6 th  in the 2017 top 100 tax...
  • Horizons Advisory

    5356 3400
    Suite 603B Lippo Plaza 222 Huaihai Middle Lu Near Songshan Lu
    Horizons Advisory is a Hong Kong-based corporate advisory company with a focus on transnational corporate transactions and their related aspects. Their client base is largely made up of enterprises and individuals...
  • VCP Advisors

    28/F, Shanghai World Financial Center 100 Century Ave Near Lujiazui Ring Lu
    VCP Advisors is a financial services firm with headquarters in London and offices in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. They have advised on fundraisings for companies and funds aggregating over 8.8 billion US...
  • Zhongxinghua Certified Public Accountants

    6660 0101
    8/F, 681 Sichuan Middle Lu Huangpu District Near Suzhou South Lu
    四川中路681号8楼, 近苏州南路
    Zhongxinghua employs almost 1,000 people, almost half of which are registered public accoutants. Based in Beijing, it has 20 branches operating in China. 
  • Shanghai HengYu Consulting

    137 6162 2937
    Rm 539, 5/F Meilian Mansion, 575 Yuyao Lu, near Wuning Nan Lu
    余姚路575号美联大厦5楼539室, 近武宁南路
    Hengyu provides foreign companies with services including financial advice, company registration and legal consulting, as well as consulting on government fiscal policies. Quotation lists are clear and the company...
  • Shanghai Zhaochen Deye Certified Public Accountants

    3126 6202
    Room 1009, 841 Yanan Middle Lu, near Weihai Lu
    延安中路841号1009室, 近威海路
    Shanghai Zhaochen Deye Certified Public Accountants is a Chinese public accountancy firm specializing in accounting outsourcing, auditing and taxation. They are Certified Public Accounts of the People’s...
  • Shanghai De’An Certified Public Accountants

    33/F Shanghai Plaza 138 Huaihai Middle Lu Near Xizang Lu
    Shanghai De’an Certified Public Accountants is a Chinese accountancy firm. Their clients mainly consist of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs), multinational corporations (MNCs) and representative offices of...
  • New Horizons Global Partners

    130 2329 1817
    5/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
    南京西路1376号5楼, 近西康路
    New Horizons Global Partners is a PEO (Professional Employment Organization) and employer of records, partnering with foreign companies to enable businesses to recruit and hire in China. They also specialize in...
  • S.J. Grand

    6341 1177
    Suite 1807, Haitong Securities Tower 689 Guangdong Lu Near Yan'an Lu
    上海市黄浦区广东路689号 海通证券大厦1807室
    S.J. Grand Financial and Tax Advisory is a Hong Kong-based professional services firm that specializes in assisting foreign-invested companies and multinationals in China and South-East Asia.
  • Stenvall Skoeld & Company

    6136 6008
    Unit 408-409 139 Ruijin 1st Lu Near Changle Lu
    Stenvall Skoeld & Company is a mid-market investment bank with offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong and market representatives in Europe and North America. They advise clients on mergers, acquisitions, private...
  • Shanghai Valley

    23F 1350 Sichuan Bei Lu, near Zhapu Lu
    Shanghai Valley is a China-focused online and offline investment platform that allows corporate and institutional investors to collaborate and invest in high quality, exceptional companies. They have offices in...
  • deVere & Partners Consulting (Shanghai)

    2313 3000
    Room 1206-07, Building 2, Bund Finance Center 600 Zhongzhang Second East Lu Near Jiangpu Lu
    deVere & Partners Consulting (Shanghai) is the Shanghai branch of global independent financial advisory firm deVere Group, which has 50 offices around the world and offers personalized services. Clients can...
  • Nexia TS Shanghai

    6047 8716
    Suite A, 20/F, Heng Ji Building 99 Huaihai Dong Lu Near Xizang Lu
    Nexia TS Shanghai is a Singapore-based accountancy firm with offices in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Myanmar. As an independent member firm of Nexia International, they are affiliated with accounting firms in many...
  • Raine

    Suite 2103-04, Tower 1, Plaza 66 1266 Nanjing West Road Near Shaanxi North Lu
    南京西路1266号1号楼2103-04室, 近陕西北路
    Integrated merchant bank providing investment and advisory services. 
  • Yundeng Management Consultancy

    6F 77 Jiangning Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
    Yundeng Management Consultancy (YMC) provides consultative advice aimed at helping organizations achieve their strategic financial, tax, and personnel objectives, offering services designed to help clients achieve...
  • Elite Stage

    6089 5280
    18A, First Trade Tower 985 Dongfang Lu Near Pudian Lu
    Elite Stage specializes in FDI investment for entrepreneurs, with offices in both Hong Kong and the U.S. Their services include company incorporation, investment strategy, Big Data business analysis, offshore company...
  • Olivar & Greb Capital Management

    131 2206 9291
    Suite 13L, 728 Yan'An West Lu Near Jiangsu Lu
    Olivar & Greb Capital Management is a Shanghai-based investment management firm registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, offering consulting for individuals as well as for nonprofit...
  • Ivory Capital Asia

    6429 8202
    Suite 1702, No.2 Building, Pujiang Hi-Tech Park 2388 Chenhang Road Near Puxing Hwy
    浦江科技广场, 陈行路2388号2号楼1702室, 近浦星公路
    Ivory Capital Asia is a boutique investment bank providing advisory services in the Asian markets of mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. They are the exclusive partner of...
  • MS Advisory

    6352 0167
    Room A, 21F East Building, 668 Beijing Dong Lu, near Fujian Zhong Lu
    北京东路668号东楼21楼, 近福建中路
    MS Advisory is a financial advisory firm based in China, which is part of Moore Belgium and a member of the Moore International Network. They provide foreign enterprises across all provinces of mainland China and in...
  • Lynx Financial

    6089 8289
    Suite 1001, 1501 Century Ave Near Yuanshen Lu
    Lynx Financial is a Chinese financial advisor with international offices in San Diego, London and Tel Aviv, focusing on China's emerging healthcare industries and specializing in cross-border transactions including...
  • Applied Value Group

    5213 6393
    15/F, North America Plaza, Tower A 518 Kunming Lu Near Dalian Lu
    Applied Value Group is a U.S.-based management, investment and social responsibility consultancy with offices in the U.S., Europe and China.
  • FCC Partners

    5879 6133
    Suite 1102, Tong Sheng Building 458 Fushan Lu Near Dongfang Lu
    FCC Partners is a boutique investment bank from Taiwan, with offices in Taipei. They serve clients in the Greater China, Southeast and Northeast Asia regions, covering manufacturing, high-tech, green energy,...
  • FTI Consulting

    2315 1000
    Unit 2101-04, Central Plaza 227 Huangpi North Lu Near Renmin Ave
    黄陂北路227号2101-04室, 近人民大道
    FTI Consulting is a U.S. consulting firm specializing in compliance, governance, investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and risk.
  • World Wise Consulting

    186 1657 2016
    5F, 355 Hongqiao Lu, near Xuhong Bei Lu
    虹桥路355号5楼, 近徐虹北路
    World Wise Consulting is a professional tax practice service provider offering comprehensive tax advice and practical support to both private and corporate clients. They have offices in Shanghai ang Shenzhen.