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Legal (7)

  • Yingke Law Firm Shanghai

    173 1737 7679
    181 Jiangchang San Lu, near Wenshui Lu
    Headquartered in Beijing, Yingke has 75 offices in Chinese Mainland and its global legal service system covers 140 international cities in 81 countries. Established in 2002, Yingke provides legal services for over 100,000 companies at home and abroad. They...
  • Jingjian Law Firm

    130 6281 1988
    Unit 701, 1277 Beijing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
    北京西路1277号701室, 近西康路
    Jingjian Law Firm is a Chinese legal services provider created in 1988, offering services in languages including Chinese and English. They specialize in corporate legal services, dispute resolution, labor issues and...
  • Zhong Lun Law Firm

    6061 3666
    10-11/F, IFC, 8 Shiji Dadao, near Dongtai Lu
    世纪大道8号国金中心二期10-11层, 近东泰路
    Zhong Lun Law Firm is a large Chinese law firm with 16 Chinese and international offices in Tokyo, London, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
  • Shanghai Kaimao Law Firm

    6019 3255
    Suite 2905, 29/F, 1088 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Panyu Lu
    延安西路1088号29层2905室, 近番禺路
    Shanghai Kaimao Law Firm is a full-service boutique law firm based in China, offering services in both English and Chinese.
  • Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm

    5308 5022
    32/F, 55 Yan'an Dong Lu, near Xikou Lu
    延安东路55号32层, 近溪口路
    Shanghai Nuodi Law Firm is a Chinese law firm based in Shanghai offering services in English, Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian to both private companies and individuals. Most of their lawyers graduated from...
  • JunHe

    5298 5488
    26/F, 288 Shimen Yi Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu
    石门一路288号26层, 近南京西路
    JunHe Law Firm is a Chinese law firm founded in Beijing in 1989, with international offices in Hong Kong, New York and Silicon Valley.  The firm has twelve offices around the world and a team comprised of more...
  • V&T Law Firm

    5081 9091
    9/F, Jinmao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, near Dongtai Lu
    世纪大道88号金茂大厦9层, 近东泰路
    V&T Law Firm is a full-service law firm headquartered in Beijing with branch offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Chengdu and international offices in Madrid, Manchester and Kolding.