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DeBund Law Offices

  • Editor's Description

    DeBund Law Offices is a Chinese legal services provider, offering services in languages including Chinese, English, Japanese and German. Their lawyers are qualified in providing tailored professional legal services to meet customer demands, especially in foreign intellectual property right litigation and advising foreign or Chinese clients who are doing business abroad.

  • Self Introduction

    DeBund Law Offices provides legal services to clients with professionalism, quality, efficiency, diligence and responsibility. Our lawyers are qualified in providing specifically tailored professional legal services to satisfy clients various legal demands.

    • Founded 2008
    • Country of Origin China
  • Areas of Practice

    Legal Consulting

  • Specializations

    Building and real estate

    Employment, HR and compliance risk control

    Criminal law related services

    Corporate and capital market

    International business/foreign investment

    Intellectual property

    Dispute resolution

    Maritime and transport

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