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African Chamber of Commerce

  • Editor's Description

    African Chamber of Commerce supports business relations between China and African nations. They provide up-to-date information about opportunities for investment, acquisitions and venture capital in Africa.  They have a network that includes about 1,500 companies throughout Africa. Membership includes free access to their training and networking events, various services such as visa support and consultation and member discounts. They also have offices in Paris and Pretoria.

  • Self Introduction

    We are a registered not-for-profit and a non-partisan business organization with the main objective to strengthen Africa-China commercial ties and provide high-quality business information and resources to its members.

    As an aspiring leading international business association, AFCHAM preserves the interests of its members by promoting a healthy business environment in China; encouraging helpful connections, and enabling a platform for relationship-building opportunities between African and Chinese businesses.

    The AFCHAM also plays a crucial role in assisting African and Chinese companies expand their businesses across both sides of the world by providing general business guidelines and keeping members updated on the latest business trends, as well as business and social opportunities.

    • Founded 2015
    • Country of Origin Various countries in Africa
  • Areas of Practice

    Support its members’ success by promoting a healthy business environment in China;

    Establish a platform for gathering market information, best practices, and meeting potential African and Chinese business partners

    Strengthen Africa-China commercial ties and provide business information and resources;

    Bring together experts from a wide range of business fields

  • Specializations

    Banking and Financial

    Business Advisory

    Consular Services

    Legal Services

  • Membership Size

    200 members