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Stone Compass Associates

  • Editor's Description

    Stone Compass Associates are an independent Canada-based accounting and business-driven consultancy offering corporate advisory and accounting services to clients currently operating or looking to operate in China and Hong Kong, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. The company focuses on assisting clients with cost-efficiency, operation simplification and regulation compliance. Their range of financial and business management services includes company incorporation and structuring; accounting and payroll; taxation and compliance; auditing and assurance; and market entry strategies.  

  • Self Introduction

    We work and collaborate with our clients to develop the most appropriate and most practical solutions for their corporate structures and operations.

    • Founded 2011
    • Country of Origin Canada
  • Areas of Practice

    Business Consulting




  • Specializations

    Company Incorporation and Structuring

    Accounting and payroll

    Taxation and Compliance

    Auditing and Assurance

    Market Entry Strategies

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