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Chibridge Law Firm

  • Editor's Description

    Chibridge Law Firm is a Chinese law firm based in Guangzhou, focused on providing consultancy services on legal and commercial matters for domestic and overseas enterprises that do business in China.  The company accepts cases from all over China. Their firm focuses on both Chinese and Western law in providing services to clients conducting business in China, promising professional advice, practical and cost-effective solutions, and a culturally sensitive approach when catering to overseas clients within the local market. 

  • Self Introduction

    We offer services both as an on-retainer legal consultant or as a counsel for a specific legal service on a case-by-case basis.  

    • Founded 2010
    • Country of Origin China
  • Areas of Practice

    Legal Advisory

    Bilingual Contracts 

    Trademark and Intelletual Property Registration

  • Specializations

    FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

    Corporate Law

    Contract Law

    Labor Law

    Intellectual Property rights

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