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Yingke Law Firm Shanghai

  • Editor's Description

    Headquartered in Beijing, Yingke has 75 offices in Chinese Mainland and its global legal service system covers 140 international cities in 81 countries. Established in 2002, Yingke provides legal services for over 100,000 companies at home and abroad. They specialize in corporate and capital market, family disputes, labor issues and criminal law related services, building and real estate law, etc.

  • Self Introduction

    • Founded 2001
    • Country of Origin China
  • Notable Clients

  • International Offices

    Two offices in shanghai

    Yingke Lawyers Tower
    181 Jiangchang San Road, Jingan District, Shanghai

    InterContinental Bussiness Center
    2F/15F/16F, 100 Yutong Road, Jingan District, Shanghai

  • Areas of Practice

  • Specializations

    • Cross border/field marriage and property disputes settlement, inheritance and heritage disputes settlement, marriage, cohabitation, divorce, parenthood, child support, etc. Including agent negotiations, mediation, and litigation.

    • Dispute settlement in respect of will, heritage, and inheritance, including agent negotiations, mediation, and litigation.

    • Preparation and execution guidance for premarital/marital property agreement and bestowal, will, agreement on guardianship by conduct, endowment agreement, etc.

    • Legal services for traffic accidents.

    • Consulting of daily labor law and personnel management; Drafting, review, and revision of legal documents such as rules and regulations, employee handbook, labor contract, non-disclosure agreement, and non-competition agreement; Training for labor-related laws and regulations and practice operation of personnel management.

    • Permanent legal advisors; Labor dispute arbitration and litigation on behalf of enterprises or employee; Participation in the mediation of labor disputes: Collective consultation, group negotiation, and strike handling.

    • Agency for contract disputes, intellectual property disputes, real estate, and construction engineering disputes, disputes over property rights and ownership, disputes over the right of personality, right to life, and right to physical health.

    • Agency for other civil and commercial disputes.

    • Attorney and defender for criminal cases, “criminal-civil cross” cases.

    • A legal adviser for “integration of criminal, civil and administrative cases”.

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