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  • Editor's Description

    WeWork is an American co-working space provider that has received a tidal wave of funding in the last few years. Founded in 2010, they rework existing buildings into quirky-cool start-up hubs, and provide both public and private work spaces for entrepreneurs to run their businesses smoothly. In 2019, Shanghai had the 3rd highest number of WeWork locations worldwide. To better cater for professionals in the fast-growing city, WeWork offers a wide variety of personalised services, including free unlimited coffee, attentive front desk service, support from community managers, network gatherings, etc. Clients and staff are bilingual in English and Mandarin, with a strong presence of returned overseas students. Additionally, WeWork Shanghai holds weekly events to ensure a fruitful experience, ranging from lectures to yoga.

    • Founded 2010
    • Country of Origin America
  • Specializations

    Enables start-up/fast-growing companies and entrepreneurs to connect, while providing them with independent work spaces;

    Offers a wide selection of convenient locations in town, and all amenities that business professionals might need, including high-speed wifi, printers, communal areas, etc;

    Organises networking events for members to share their knowledge and expertise, as well as to entertain;

    Allows clients to redeem membership credits for access to meeting rooms and other WeWork locations;

    Welcomes dogs in the offices to create a work environment with less stress and potentially help establish stronger relations between people;

    Serves complimentary tea, coffee and beer;

    Holds well-stocked kitchens with cleaning services;

    Provides other amenities (such as shower facilities and bike storage) in some branches.