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    The Overseas Chinese Enterprise Association (OCEA) Hub is a membership based entrepreneurial platform. It acts as a cross between a Chamber of Commerce (community/business events, and business matching) with three-locations for co-working/events. Their main draw is connecting the growing and influential community of overseas Chinese business talent that is returning to China, not unlike an “alumni network” with all the perks those have.

    They also do a lot if activities geared toward professional growth, in-community member highlights, and business matching networking events between multi-national corporations and small-medium enterprises, chambers of commerce, business associations, and University alumni groups. They are a professional networking hub on steroids.

  • Self Introduction

    OCEA Hub is a membership based entrepreneurial O2O platform, providing services ranging from space and management to community and business matching. By gathering high quality and efficient communities from worldwide, OCEA Hub aims to facilitating the communications and cooperation between entrepreneurs.

    OCEA Hub hosts activities regularly. Business matching events helps utilize the resources and boosts cooperation between corporations, MNCs and SME. Industry specific road show helps to increase the exposure of products and services to the public. OCEA Hub also organizes series of events with various Chambers, associations, top universities alumni group to share insights, opinions and promote communications.

    • Founded 2014
    • Country of Origin Hongkong
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    1)Biz Community

    2)  Biz Consultation/Matching

    3)  Event/Co-working Space

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