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Office Administration (3)

  • OPSS

    800 819 8688
    No.6, 930 Xiangyin Lu, near Zhonghuan Lu
    翔殷路930弄6号, 近中环路
    OPSS has over 2,500 trained security guards and they not only provides service in Shanghai but also Jiangsu Area.
  • Shanghai Hujie Security Services

    2356 1106
    2F, Building 8, 1920 Tianshan Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
    天山路1920弄8号2楼, 近延安西路
    Shanghai Hujie Security Services has 8 offices in Shanghai. They provide professional security and guard services for hospitals, schools, hotels, communities and etc. IKEA, Jinshan Hospital, Alipay are all their...
  • China CityGuard

    138 1875 0604
    Building 2, 683 Shenhong Lu, near Taihong Lu
    申虹路683弄虹桥协信中心2号楼, 近泰虹路
    China CityGuard is a professional security service provider since 2005. They have worked with many clients especially at media conference, product launches and sports events. They have a 24 hour hotline that you can...