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Tech & IT (10)

  • InnTech IT Services

    6115 6398
    777 Zhongshan Nan Lu, near Dong'an Lu
    中山南二路777号, 近东安路
    InnTech is one of the leading IT professional firms in Shanghai. Company business focus is to service multinational companies and expats, and to provide them with customized IT solutions and IT services. InnTech team includes ~25 Western and Chinese IT...
  • Cadence

    5F, 1155 Fangdian Lu, near Huamu Lu
    芳甸路1155号5楼, 近花木路
    Cadence helps electronic systems and semiconductor companies create the innovative end products. Their products include Cadence software, hardware and IP. The company's Intelligent System Design strategy helps...
  • TEK-Shanghai

    5080 7398
    1134 Biyun Lu, near Huangyang Lu
    碧云路1134号, 近黄杨路
    Their staff are happy to answer all and any technology questions, they've got your routers and TVs with "special properties" (VPN), water softeners and air filters on top of the usual knick-knacks and genuine...
  • Computer Solutions

    400 820 0919
    Rm203, 53 Lianhu Lu, near Pei'ai Lu
    金泽镇莲湖路53号203室丙座, 近培爱路
    Computer Solutions was established in 1995. They provide a multitude of IT Services in the Shanghai area, including Office and Home Computer Support, Laptop Repair, Data Recovery, and Website Design &...
  • eBaoTech

    6140 7777
    Building 3, 270 Songhu Lu, near Zhengxue Lu
    淞沪路270号3号楼, 近郑学路
    eBaoTechis a platform-as-a-Service for insurance carriers, brokers/agents, affinity channels and InsureTech/FinTech startups to do fast innovation and deep connectivity. It provides a full set of insurance APIs for...
  • CanCan看看™

    CanCan看看™ is a cloud-based financial data processing and reporting software available on both desktop and mobile, able to simultaneously host data from multiple entities.
  • Hoho Fast

    400 115 2766
    788 Dingxi Lu, near Yan'an Xi Lu
    定西路788号, 近延安西路
    Shanghai-based company the specializes in outcall tech repair for mostly Apple products like laptops and tablets, but especially iPhones, though they'll fix Huawei, Oppo, Samsung, Xiaomi and Vivo. Appointments are...
  • Take5People

    6386 0132
    5F, 2025 Zhongxi Xi Lu, near Yishan Lu
    中山西路2025号5楼, 近宜山路
    A software developing company that focuses on developing Payroll Software, Payroll Outsourcing and HR Management system.
  • Geek Repair

    400 811 2112
    400 Pudian Lu, near Fushan Lu
    浦电路400号, 近福山路
    A Chongqing-based company that operates an outcall tech service across most of Shanghai. They'll repair most Apple products except ones they deem "too new," and a host of phones (Oppo, Vivo, Huawei, Samsung, Meizu...
  • Mac Doctor

    138 1659 2851
    Unit A6, Neon Kids Plaza, 10 Pu'an Lu, near Jinling Lu
    普安路10号霓虹生活广场A6室, 近金陵路
    A repair stall that can take care of reparing MacBook work, especially water damage, and they can bring most Macs back from the brink, even replacing your motherboard.