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Shanghai Young Bakers

  • Editor's Description

    SYB is a charity program providing free training in French bakery to marginalised Chinese youth aged 17 to 23, enabling them to find qualified jobs after graduation. Disadvantaged young adults who had to drop out of school because of their family situation could join SYB to become professional bakers. SYB students follow a one-year training where they learn valuable skills such as French bakery and pastry, Chinese bakery, life skills and English, combined with practical internships at 5-star hotels. Due to the high demand of qualified bakers on the Chinese market, 30 students each year start a new life as bakers or pastry chefs and are able to support themselves and their families. You could buy their bakery made by students.

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    Monthly events/trainings/meetups

  • How To Join

    Follow their WeChat shanghaiyoungbakers