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    Studio Insight

    13/F, Kunlun Business Center,
    393 Changshou Lu,
    near Changde Lu

    长寿路393号昆仑商务中心13楼, 近常德路

    138 1731 9301
    • Studio Insight Shanghai
    • Studio Insight Shanghai
    • Studio Insight Shanghai
    • Studio Insight Shanghai
    Studio Insight is a foreign-invested music center that offers both one-on-one and group classes for courses in Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Handpan, Saxophone, Trombone, Flute, DJ, Music Production and Band. Classes...
    Adult Education
    Musical Instruments
    After School & Enrichment
  • Shanghai Vancouver Film School

    Shanghai University Yanchang Campus, Bldg 1, 149 Yanchang Lu, near Pingxingguan Lu

    延长路149号1号楼, 近平型关路

    5633 1055 / 5633 1320
    Shanghai Vancouver Film School provides 1-year courses on film production, acting, writing, game design, makeup, sound design and 3D animation. Courses are taught in English,...
    Adult Education
    Colleges & Universities
    Jing'an District
  • Craft'd Shanghai (Fuxing Zhong Lu)

    1/F, No. 3, Lane 1288 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu

    复兴中路1288弄3号1楼, 近襄阳南路

    186 1679 9167
    Craft Studio dedicated to all things handicrafty. Friendly staff and very quick responses from official WeChat account. 
    Craft'd Shanghai (Fuxing Zhong Lu) Shanghai
    Kids & Family
    Adult Education
  • Zhongyue Driving School

    17/F, 1018 Moyu Nan Lu, near Nan'an Lu

    墨玉南路1018号17楼, 近南安路

    400 008 3783
    Zhongyue driving school has driving practise & test centers in Baoshan, Jiading, Minhang, Songjiang, Qingpu, Pudong and Fengxian. Student could change coach under no condition....
    Zhongyue Driving School Shanghai
    Adult Education
  • Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design

    3/F, 398 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Danshui Lu

    淮海中路398号3楼, 近淡水路

    400 601 5298
    China's premier executive fashion education provider, Condé Nast runs this Center. They offer an array of professional full-time and part-time courses in the fields of fashion,...
    Exhibitions Centers
    Adult Education
  • Shanghai Art & Design Academy

    851 Jiahang Gonglu, near Changxu Lu

    嘉行公路851号, 近昌徐路

    6997 7814
    An old and well-established college, Shanghai Art & Design Academy (SADA) is the only college of its kind in Shanghai founded in 1960.The Academy has six schools in Fashion and...
    Shanghai Art & Design Academy Shanghai
    Adult Education
  • The Kitchen at Cooking School(Pudong)

    3/F, Bldg 20, 383 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Jianguo Lu

    襄阳南路383弄20号3楼, 近建国路

    6433 2700
    Adult Education
    Cooking Schools
  • Crimson Education

    36/F, Yongye Apartments, 757 Mengzi Lu, near Madang Lu


    2321 3003
    International company specializing in preparing students for acceptance into Ivy League colleges and top universities.
    Adult Education
  • Community Center Shanghai (Hongqiao)

    Zhidi Mansion, Room F07, 4/F, 201 Chengjiaqiao Zhi Lu, near Hongmei Lu

    程家桥支路201号智地大厦F07室4楼, 近虹梅路

    6406 4276
    Along with its community events and great welcome meetings for newbies to Shanghai, the Community Center Shanghai is a good choice for affordable mental health care. They have a...
    Kids & Family
    Parents Clubs
    Adult Education
  • That's Mandarin (Wuding Lu)

    5/F, bldg 1, 881 Wuding Lu, near Changde Lu

    武定路881弄1座5层, 近常德路

    6095 8317
    Nationwide Chinese education service offering online and offline Mandarin programmes. This Wuding location is currently their headquarters, with easy access to Changping Lu...
    That's Mandarin (Wuding Lu) Shanghai
    Adult Education
    Mandarin Schools
    Jing'an District
  • Q.S.W. Culture Center

    179 Yichang Lu, near Jiangning Lu

    宜昌路179号, 近江宁路

    6266 3191
    This is a huge government-backed music and arts center. It hosts musical and stage performances from classical to rock, plus has dance studios and areas for kids to learn about...
    Q.S.W. Culture Center Shanghai
    Live Music
    Adult Education
  • China Europe International Business School

    699 Hongfeng Lu, near Jinxiu Dong Lu

    红枫路699号, 近锦绣东路

    2890 5890
    China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), a joint-venture for management education, was co-founded by the Chinese government and European Union (EU) in 1994, with...
    Adult Education
    Master & MBA Programs
    Colleges & Universities
  • Tascovery Gourmet School

    3/F, 1701 Beijing Xi Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu

    北京西路1701号3楼, 近胶州路

    5212 5295
    Founded in 2009, Tascovery is a gastronomic studio that provides public training in traditional Chinese cuisine, French cuisine and pastry-making, as well as wine tasting and...
    Cooking Schools
    Adult Education
    Social & Recreation
    Jing'an District
  • Flourish Shanghai Driving School

    869 Fengyang Lu, near Zhufeng Gong Lu

    枫阳路869号, 朱枫公路

    131 2201 9203
    Adult Education
  • Shanghai DJ School

    697 Changle Lu, near Changshu Lu

    长乐路697号, 近常熟路

    131 6256 3231
    Adult Education
    Jing'an District