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After School and Enrichment (50)

  • Kumon Learning Center

    158 0175 6661
    Rm 309, Phase B, No 118, 98 Jiashan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu
    嘉善路98弄118号明园商务中心B座309室, 近复兴中路
    Official Kumon centre in Xuhui, teaching children the Kumon method of learning mathematics, Mandarin and English.
  • Pippa Studio

    137 0160 7704
    Studio M, 11/F, 831 Xinzha Lu, near Simen Er Lu
    新闸路831号11楼M, 近石门二路
    Pippa Studio offers extra-curricular workshops addressed to kids from 5 to 13 years-old, in which we develop curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and decision-making through the kids’ passion for fashion....
  • Tennisline

    131 4817 4474
    Luwan Stadium, 128 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu
    卢湾体育馆, 肇嘉浜路128号, 近陕西南路
    Tennisline is an international tennis academy in Europe and Asia with 20+ years of expertise in providing tennis lessons for kids and adults. Private tennis lessons can be arranged on a one-to-one basis or for 2+...
  • Green Valley Riding Club

    6209 5877
    1 Xiehu Lu, near Xinjing Lu
    Horse riding ranch in Shanghai, and allegedly the only one in Puxi. GVRC offers professional horse-riding certification courses. This curriculum covers a total of ten stages and is recognized by the Dutch Equestrian...
  • Marco&Mari International Preschool

    5272 0233 / 139 1711 9430
    1946 Changning Lu, near Jinping Lu
    长宁路1946号, 近锦屏路
    International preschool established in 2011 on Changning Lu. There are half and full day language immersion programs for children from twenty months to six years old. The Montessori curriculum is taught with a focus...
  • Manhattan Review Shanghai

    +1-800 246 4600
    59 Siping Lu, near Hailun Lu
    四平路59号, 近海伦路
    Private tuition company that offers full-length GMAT preparation courses. Sessions are available both during the week and at weekends. They also offer online courses for home study.
  • JES Island English Academy

    3203 1196
    560 Hongxu Lu, near Hongwu Lu
    虹许路560号, 近虹五路
    English language pre-school and kindergarten for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Based on Hongxu Lu, "Joyful Education Spirit" (JES) focus on exploratory learning.
  • Spotlight Theatre School of Excellence

    138 1669 7034
    301, Bldg 10, 1350 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Fenyang Lu
    Spotlight Theatre School of Excellence is a performing arts theatre school in Shanghai for children and young adults. They offer courses in Musical Theatre, Dance, Public Speaking and LAMDA Examination preparation....
  • Kyokushinkai-Kan Karate

    6218 1341
    F/F, 151 Kangding Lu, near Jiangning Lu
    康定路151号F楼, 近江宁路
    Karate training center for anyone aged 4 or above, open mostly during the afternoons and evenings. Most members and teachers are Chinese; contact them by phone or via Dianping for details.
  • SCA Chess Academy

    6233 2215
    3/F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
    南京西路1376号3楼, 近西康路
    Chess school providing professional international chess instruction in Shanghai. SCA Chess Academy teaches chess in English at more than 15 international schools, as well as at other venues and homes all around the...
  • Hong Wu Chinese Kung Fu Centre

    137 0168 5893
    Tianzifang, Studio 311, Bldg No3, Lane 210 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
    田子坊泰康路210弄3号311单元, 近思南路
    Chinese martial arts centre established in 1996, focusing on kung fu & t’ai chi training. The studio is in Tianzifang, on Taikang Lu. Owner Zhang Yi trained professionally at the Chinese Wushu Academy...
  • MultiSport

    5465 5715

    Expat professional sports coaching company offering training for kids from 3 to 12 years. Lessons are taught in English by international staff who are qualified Physical Education coaches, specializing in gymnastics,...
  • The Little Gym

    5410 2299
    2/F, 580 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Lingling Lu
    天钥桥路580号星游城2楼F10-F11, 近零陵路
    The Little Gym is the world’s premier enrichment and physical development center for children ages 4 months through 12 years. Programs offer children a Springboard to Life’s Adventures by using...
  • The Pottery Workshop

    6445 0902, 138 1819 3608
    Tianzifang, 2/F, 220 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu
    泰康路220号二楼, 近思南路
    Ceramic art education and communication center established in Hong Kong in 1985. The Pottery Workshop has several locations across China, including one in Huangpu district. The Shanghai branch offers lessons, as well...
  • Tutors in China

    6267 3993
    Suite 9E2, 121 Yanping Lu, near Xinzha Lu
    延平路121号三和大厦9E2室, 近新闸路
    Nationwide tutoring center providing support to students of all ages at international schools. Tutors cover mathematics, English, sciences and business, and the organization works with certain international schools...