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Early Childhood & Kindergartens (80)

  • Vanke Kindergarten

    400 820 7081
    356 Xingzhan Lu, near Zhongkan Lu
    星站路356号, 近中看路
    Private bilingual English-Mandarin school operated by DTD Education. It is suitable for children aged 2-6 and uses an English immersion style of teaching. Students are mainly Chinese; the curriculum is loosely...
  • Angels International Bilingual Kindergarten

    5988 3458
    487 Huaxu Gong Lu, near Shuangbang Lu
    华徐公路487号, 近双浜路
    Bilingual kindergarten for children aged 15 months to 6 years in Qingpu district. Angels International Bilingual Kindergarten follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Classrooms are all named after...
  • Ai Lv Kindergarten

    6405 6831
    Lane 3297-81 Hongmei Lu, near Huaguang Lu
    虹梅路3297弄81号, 近华光路
    A private Kindergarten with both Chinese and Foreign teachers located in Minhang District.
  • Victoria Kindergarten

    5403 6901
    Bldg 1, 71 Huating Lu, near Yanqing Lu
    华亭路71号1号楼, 近延庆路
    Hong Kong kindergarten company (Victoria Educational Organisation) with four branches in Shanghai: Xuhui, Pudong, Gumei and Xinzhuang. There are also campuses in Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shenzhen. A bilingual IB...
  • Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language Kindergarten

    3988 6958
    639 Panwen Lu, near Longlian Lu
    蟠文路639号, 近龙联路
    Pre-k and kindergarten for children aged 2 to 6. The kindergarten is part of the all-through Shanghai Qingpu World Foreign Language School. It’s also affiliated with Shanghai Shiwai Education Service...
  • Kids 'R' Kids Shanghai

    136 1161 4615
    200 Jinshajing Lu, near Meilin Nan Lu
    金沙江路200号, 近梅岭南路
    Kids 'R' Kids Shanghai is a bilingual kindergarten with three characteristics of children's bilingual education, STEAM course and flag football. It is committed to the comprehensive development of children. Bilingual...
  • Mengya Montessori Home

    5881 8501
    Suite 1S-02, 1S-03, J-Life Center, 99 Shiji Da Dao, near Yincheng Zhong Lu
    世纪大道88号金茂大厦裙房1楼, 近银城中路
    Montessori-affiliated early learning center for children aged 3-6. Mengya Montessori Home is located in an office suite. Facilities include a child-sized kitchen, slides, a swing, and a climbing wall. Sessions...
  • Happy Bridge Kindergarten Of Shanghai

    6223 8870
    489 Huaiyin Lu, ner Linquan Lu
    淮阴路489号, 近林泉路
    International pre-K and kindergarten for children aged 2-6. Happy Bridge Kindergarten is located on Huaiyin Lu, with facilities including a playground, sun room, football field, theater, dance room, art room,...
  • Shanghai Hong Qiao International School

    6268 3121
    218 Yili Nan Lu, near Lanbaoshi Lu
    伊犁南路218路, 近蓝宝石路
    International school with a new, eco-friendly campus built in 2015. Shanghai Hong Qiao International School was previously known as Rainbow Bridge International School. It is a Nursery to Grade 8 school (ages 18...
  • Marco&Mari International Preschool

    5272 0233 / 139 1711 9430
    1946 Changning Lu, near Jinping Lu
    长宁路1946号, 近锦屏路
    International preschool established in 2011 on Changning Lu. There are half and full day language immersion programs for children from twenty months to six years old. The Montessori curriculum is taught with a focus...
  • Apple Montessori

    136 7187 4701
    290, Jianguo Xi Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu
    建国西路290号, 近襄阳南路
    Montessori-affiliated pre-K and kindergarten center with two locations in Shanghai: one in Xuhui and one in Pudong. The Montessori curriculum is followed. Children aged 18 months to 6 years are eligible.
  • Montessori School Of Shanghai

    5403 7699
    21 Donghu Lu, near Changle Lu
    东湖路21号, 近长乐路
    Pre-school associated with the American Montessori Society, offering a bilingual education for 6-month to 6-year-olds. The school follows the Montessori curriculum and only hires Montessori-trained teachers. There...
  • Busy Bee Education

    5410 6150
    1/F, West Area, Bldg 5, 338 Tianshan Lu, near Weining Lu
    天山路338号5号楼西区1楼, 近威宁路
    Early learning center for children aged 2-6 years. The Preschool Program runs from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 3:30pm. They offer half day and full day programs. The half day program finishes at 12:00pm while the...
  • JES Island English Academy

    3203 1196
    560 Hongxu Lu, near Hongwu Lu
    虹许路560号, 近虹五路
    English language pre-school and kindergarten for children aged 18 months to 6 years. Based on Hongxu Lu, "Joyful Education Spirit" (JES) focus on exploratory learning.
  • Yew Wah International Education Kindergarten

    5025 2077
    823-825 Changdao Lu, near Pingdu Lu
    长岛路823-825弄, 近平度路
    International kindergarten managed by the Yew Wah International Education Service, which adopts a combined eastern and western approach. The curriculum is based on the work of the in-house Yew Wah Early Childhood...