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  • Mandarin Inn

    1/F, 1280 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huating Lu

    淮海中路1280号1楼, 近华亭路

    T: 5403 8115

    Mandarin Inn Language and Culture Center provides private or group Mandarin classes, HSK Preparation Courses and business courses. They even do classes for a few other languages like English and...

  • Miracle Mandarin

    21/F, 319 Changde Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu

    常德路319号21楼, 近北京西路

    T: 6247 6388

    Founded in 2003, Miracle Mandarin is one of the oldest Mandarin schools in Shanghai. Programs are available year-round, to all levels. They also help with student visas and serve as an official HSK...

  • Silk Mandarin (Tongren Lu)

    SOHO Exchange, 16/F, 299 Tongren Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu

    铜仁路299号16楼, 近南京西路

    T: 187 6851 6128

    An English taught Mandarin school that offers courses from learning basics to studying for the HSK examinations.

  • GoEast Mandarin (Shanghai Library Campus)

    Bldg 63, Lane 147 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu

    永福路147弄63号, 近复兴西路

    T: 5435 6358

    GoEast’s Shanghai Library campus is located in a renovated/re-designed traditional mansion built in 1920s, next door to the German Consulate. The language school offers courses like HSK...

  • iMandarin

    Suite 721, Shanghai Center, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu


    T: 3222 1028

    iMandarin is certified by the Education Ministry as a training school for teaching Mandarin. New classes start every week. iMandarin offers 15 different courses, with an average of 4-6 students...

  • That's Mandarin (Jing'an)

    Bldg 6, Lane 149 Jiaozhou Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu

    胶州路149弄6号楼, 近北京东路

    T: 6208 9357

    That's Mandarin offers group/one-on-one Chinese language classes and programs as well as Chinese Summer/Winter Camps in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen since 2005. This campus is just seven minutes...

  • That's Mandarin (Yuyuan Lu)

    23/F, Bldg A, 172 Yuyuan Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu

    愚园路172号A层23楼, 近万航渡路

    T: 6208 9357

    That's Mandarin offers group/one-on-one Chinese language classes and programs as well as Chinese Summer/Winter Camps in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen since 2005. This campus is a five-minute walk...

  • Smart English

    9/F, 1728 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu

    南京西路1728号9层, 近华山路

    T: 139 1764 4546

    Australian owned English training company that does face-to-face and online 1-on-1 lessons. They offer customized training services for professionals, online booking, a student account system, and...

  • Mandalingua Chinese Language School

    Junling Square Phase 1, 20/F, 500 Chengdu Bei Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu

    成都北路500号峻岭广场2005室, 近南京西路

    T: +41 44 801 9095

    Originating from Switzerland, the language agency is active across China. They offer full-time Mandarin courses and internships to work.

  • Dragon Mandarin

    Hongkong Plaza South Tower, 26/F, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu

    香港广场南大楼, 淮海中路283号26楼, 近黄陂南路

    T: 137 0165 3380

  • Inspiration Mandarin

    Suite 303, 885 Renmin Lu, near Huaihai Dong Lu

    人民路885号淮海中华大厦303室, 近淮海东路

    T: 138 1755 8917

  • Alliance Francaise

    5/F, 297 Wusong Lu, near Haining Lu

    吴淞路297号5楼, 近海宁路

    T: 6357 5388

    French language and culture school for students of all backgrounds. Classes available for children, foreign exam testing, adults. Customized private courses also available.

  • LTL Mandarin School

    Rm 910, Bldg A, 218 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu

    襄阳南路218号现代大厦A座9层910室, 近复兴中路

    T: 3368 0866

    Teaching Chinese since 2008, LTL is one of China’s oldest private Chinese language schools. The school offers full time group classes during the day from Monday to Friday and part time group...

  • Hutong School Shanghai

    5/F, 969 Wuding Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu

    武定路969号5层, 近胶州路

    T: 3428 0099

    Established in 2005, Hutong School was the first foreign-owned Chinese language school to be officially licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Courses include HSK preparation, intensive...

  • Easy Mandarin Chinese School

    Rm 1501, 15/F, Bldg A, 172 Yuyuan Lu, near Wanhangdu Lu

    愚园路172号A座15楼1501室, 近万航渡路

    T: 5213 1815

    The school offers 1-1 sessions, but small group classes are a speciality. Teachers all have a BA or MA, and their WeChat account posts semi-regular articles about Chinese life and culture.

  • Coffee, Tea & Mandarin Language Center

    228 Changshu Lu, near Wuyuan Lu

    常熟路228号, 近五原路

    T: 136 5177 7266

    Mobile teaching service evolved from a language center, offering private lessons.

  • Mandaring Classroom

    Room 101, No 276, 280 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu, near Wuyuan Lu


    T: 139 1814 5418

    Chinese and English training school.

  • Olivetree Mandarin

    6/F, Bldg 4, 300 Hongfeng Lu, near Biyun Lu

    红枫路300号4号楼6楼, 近碧云路

    T: 2028 2239

    Language training school offering one-on-one online lessons, tutoring, group and corporate training.

  • EasyFunMandarin Education

    2/F, 934 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Taixing Lu

    南京西路934弄2楼, 近泰兴路

    T: 6153 3854

    EFM Education helps their students explore the Chinese culture by organizing various social events.

  • WOWO Mandarin

    Rm.503, Bldg 1, 358 Jiaozhou Lu, near Wuding Lu

    胶州路358号1栋503室, 近武定路

    T: 5228 6721

  • ChineseTutoringLessons

    Lane 3856 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Guangfu Xi Lu

    中山北路3856弄, 近光复西路

    T: 183 2158 7293

    Shanghai-based Mandarin tutoring service, offering face-to-face or Skype lessons as well as online learning materials.

  • Donghua University

    1882 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu

    延安西路1882号, 近中山西路

    T: 6237 8595

    Donghua University (DHU), started as the China Textile University in 1951 and is now one of the leading universities in China. Located in the downtown area in Shanghai and adjacent to Hongqiao...

  • Amazing Sweet Mandarin

    Shanghai Silver City, Room 508, 933 Zhongshan Xi Lu, near Anshun Lu

    虹桥银城, 中山西路933号508室, 近安顺路

    T: 5111 3200

  • Fudan University ICES

    220 Handan Lu, near Zhonghuan Lu


    T: 5566 4490

    Fudan University has its own Chinese language program, International Cultural Exchange School (ICES). It offers single semester and full-year programs. During July and August, they offer short-term...

  • Shanghai Normal University - ICCS

    2/F, Bldg 5, 100 Guilin Lu, near Qinzhou Nan Lu


    T: 6432 1654

    The International College of Chinese Studies (ICCS) at Shanghai Normal University is one of the earliest schools to provide Chinese language programs, starting in 1965. It also trains teachers to...

  • Zimo Chinese

    6/F, 396 Jinling Dong Lu, near Xizang Lu

    金陵东路396号6楼, 近西藏路

    T: 158 0185 7159

    A Shanghai-based application that teaches Mandarin.

  • Mandarinpi

    Nanzheng Building, 12/F, 580 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu

    南京西路580号12楼, 近成都北路

    T: 185 1605 7012

    A WeChat account that posts articles in English about Chinese language and culture.

  • New Concept Mandarin (Nanjing Xi Lu)

    Room 2318, 23/F, Huiyin Bldg, 758 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shimen Er Lu

    南京西路758号汇银大厦23楼2318室, 近石门二路

    T: 5228 2950

    New Concept Mandarin is one of China's leading Mandarin Language Schools, with centres throughout China. Founder Fu Xianling has 10 years teaching experience in Australia, the language school...

  • New Wave Chinese

    19/F, Bldg A, 605 Beijing Xi Lu, near Datian Lu


    T: 5228 0708

    This new Mandarin schools offers a variety of language and cultural programs, from crash courses for Expats and tourists to intensive Business courses. Prices vary from 40-90rmb per hour, with the...

  • Accent Mandarin

    Ground Floor, No.7 Lane 53 Anfu Lu


    T: 5403 5609

    A mandarin school that offers one-on-one Mandarin lessons.

  • Top Mandarin

    Room 403, Bldg 39, 888 Xinzha Lu, near Taixing Lu

    新闸路888号39号楼403室, 近泰兴路

    T: 6253 9275

  • Hanyuan Chinese Language School (Gaolan Lu)

    28 Gaolan Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu

    皋兰路28号, 近瑞金二路

    T: 5306 7271

    Hanyuan offers Chinese language courses for students young and old. For kids classes are for 5 years and above.

  • Mandarin Sky

    Jiuan Plaza, Suite 8D, Golden Block, 258 Tongren, near Nanjing Xi Lu

    铜仁路258号, 近南京西路

    T: 6289 5588

  • Mandarin Morning (Jing'an)

    Room 1208, 58 Jiaozhou Lu, near Yuyuan Lu

    胶州路58号1208室, 近愚园路

    T: 5228 7809

    Chinese language school Mandarin Morning has been in operation since 2005. The school's 200+ certified teachers provide a range of flexible Chinese courses for their several thousand international...

  • Mandarin Yard

    1/F, 1609 Beijing Xi Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu

    北京西路1690号1楼, 近胶州路

    T: 6208 6550

  • Fly Mandarin School

    Rm 406, Bldg 1, 358 Jiaozhou Lu, near Wuding Xi Lu

    胶州路358号1号楼406室, 近武定西路

    T: 3252 6267

    Fly Mandarin offers the regular set of Mandarin language courses from survival Chinese to Business Chinese. They also have monthly "language activities" where students get the opportunity to...

  • Path2Chinese

    3F, 1628 Kongjiang Lu, near Shuangliao Lu


    T: 137 7422 5713

    Path2Chinese is a service provider of Language Training, Culture Training, Multilingual Translation & Voice-Over Services currently based in Shanghai, China.

  • Mandarin King

    1/F, No. 6, 416 Yongjia Lu, near Taiyuan Lu

    永嘉路416弄6号1层, 近太原路

    T: 400 618 6685

    Mandarin language training institute that delivers effective and efficient training solutions to both corporate and individual students. They provide systematic Easy-to-Learn modules, proven...

  • Mandarin Tree Language School

    Room 905, Bldg A, 868 Changping Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu


    T: 5212 7696

    Professional language institute with 20 teachers and a range of course options, from HSK preparation to business and daily Chinese.

  • Shanghai Master Mandarin

    Bldg 7, 200 Yanping Lu, near Wuding Lu

    延平路200弄7号楼, 近武定路

    T: 6064 3629

    Master Mandarin is a professional language school. Their teachers are trained to assess a student's level of Mandarin and create specific programs, tailored to that student's needs and goals. Their...

  • AllSet Learning

    Suite 1859, Yes Tower 18F 369 Kaixuan Lu


    T: 6212 1921

    AllSet Learning is a new language learning consultancy focused on the issues faced by foreigners in Shanghai trying to learn Mandarin Chinese. They offer expert consulting, study material...

  • Hanyuan Chinese Language School (Zhongshan Park)

    13/F, Block A, 121 Jiangsu Lu, near Wuding Lu

    江苏路121号A号楼13楼, 近武定路

    T: 6241 8767

    Hanyuan offers chinese language courses for large and small people. For kids classes are for 5 years and above.

  • Shanghai University of Finance and Economics - ICES

    369 Zhongshan Lu, near Jiaotong Lu

    中山北路369号, 近交通路

    T: 6536 1944

    The university started as a business program in 1917 then grew into one of China’s top finance universities. Its International Cultural Exchange School specializes in providing language training...

  • Mandarin Spring

    Rm 1609C, 1065 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu

    肇嘉浜路1065号1609C, 近天钥桥路

    T: 5178 1323

    Mandarin Spring specializes in one-on-one lessons. Learners select their preferred learning style, choose their teacher and decide on the best time for them. Teachers are ranked based on students’...

  • Shanghai Jiaotong University ICEC

    1954 Huashan Lu, near Huaihai Xi Lu


    T: 6293 2277

    Jiaotong University has been teaching Chinese as a second language since the 1990’s.  Their long-term language program has 20 class hours per week, and it has four different areas of focus. The...

  • Meizhi Mandarin

    5/F, 45 Guangyuan Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu

    广元西路45号5层, 近华山路

    T: 5230 0140

    MEIZHI MANDARIN School has been offering language instruction since 2004. Shanghai MEIZHI is a Training Organization and Examination Center for TCSL (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language)...

  • Han Long Mandarin

    11/F, 93 Tianyaoqiao Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu

    天钥桥路93号11楼, 近肇嘉浜路

    T: 400 820 3623

    With six centers throughout Shanghai, Long Mandarin has taught Chinese to over 12,000 expats over the past ten years. Classes are available for survival Chinese, business Chinese, HSK prep and...

  • My Mandarin

    Gateway Plaza, Room 26G, Tower 3, 2601 Xietu Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu

    斜土路2601号3号楼26G, 近天钥桥路

    T: 6090 4721

  • Panda Education Pudong School

    Suite B, 14/F, 15 Xiangcheng Lu, near Dongfang Lu

    向城路15号14楼B座, 近东方路

    T: 400 820 3587

    Panda Education is a Mandarin language school founded in 2004 (though they also offer Japanese and English courses). They're TCSOL accredited and recognized by ILTA.

  • Collabo Learning Center

    Room 5C, 1279 DingXi Lu, near Anhua Lu

    定西路1279号5C, 近安化路

    T: 5237 7582

  • Mandarin Do-Re-Mi

    1381 Dongfang Lu, near Lancun Lu

    东方路1381号, 近蓝村路

    T: 150 2128 9313

    Mandarin Do-Re-Mi is a language school located in Pudong, but dispatches teachers to your home and office for one-on-one lectures.

  • Mandarin Garden

    The New Chinese Building, 3/F, 1358 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    延安西路1358号3楼, 近定西路

    T: 5258 9881

    An education program that teaches Mandarin in English-speaking classes. They can also help with applying for student visas.

  • BRIC Language Systems

    Rm 704, Blgd B, 333 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Nandan Dong Lu

    漕溪北路333号中金国际广场B座704室, 近南丹东路

    T: 185 1656 0419

    Online language learning system offering live and recorded lessons in Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • MandarinTouch

    28/F, 540 Caoyang Lu, near Baibao Lu

    曹杨路540号28楼, 近白宝路

    T: 185 0165 5010

    Small Mandarin school offering the usual spectrum of language training courses and HSK preparation. They also provide business English language courses.

  • Mandarin Tutor

    1451 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    延安西路1451号, 靠近定西路

    T: 6284 0899

    WeChat-heavy Mandarin tutoring service that helps teachers find students (or vice versa) and book lessons at everyone's convenience.

  • The International School of Tongji University

    1239 Siping Lu, near Zhangwu Lu

    同济大学综合楼703A, 四平路1239号, 近彰武路

    T: 6598 3611

    Tongji University is among the top three universities in Shanghai (along with Fudan and Jiaotong) and among the top 20 in the country. The International School of Tongji University dates to the...

  • Nengyu Mandarin

    No. 88, Lane 737 Caoxi Bei Lu, near Yingye Jie

    漕溪北路737弄88号, 近影业街

    T: 187 2104 7785

    A Mandarin teaching school, located in Xuhui.

  • DHU International Cultural Exchange School (ICES)

    Bldg 23, Donghua University, Yan'an Xi Lu, near Zhongshan Xi Lu


    T: 6237 8595

    The International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) offers students the opportunity to learn Mandarin. The courses offered at ICES can range from evening classes to short-term intensive programs and...

  • Chinese Vie

    Room 905, 2067 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Xianxia Lu

    延安西路2067号905室, 近仙霞路

    T: 3135 7086

    ChineseVie School is a professional Chinese language school.

  • Panda Education Hongqiao School

    27/F, 88 Zunyi Nan Lu, near Xingyi Lu

    遵义南路88号27楼, 近兴义路

    T: 400 820 3587

    Panda Education is a Mandarin language school founded in 2004 (though they also offer Japanese and English courses). They're TCSOL accredited and recognized by ILTA.

  • GoEast Mandarin (Yangpu Campus)

    194-196 Zhengmin Lu, near Guoding Lu

    政民路194-196号, 近国定路

    T: 6512 9300

    GoEast’s Yangpu campus is located near Fudan University and Jiangwan Stadium metro. The language school offers courses like HSK preparation, survival Chinese and business Chinese, in small classes...

  • HQ Mandarin

    Room 902, 128 Ronghua Dong Dao, near Shuicheng Lu

    荣华东道128号902室, 近水城路

    T: 6219 7830

  • Hi Fudao

    9/F, Bldg C, 900 Yishan Lu, near GuipingLu

    宜山路900号C座9层, 近桂平路

    T: 4008 599 953

    SY Company, otherwise known as HiFudao, is a language tutoring APP in Shanghai that launched in 2017 that provides learning opportunities in Mandarin, English and Korean. They show the teacher's...