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International Divisions of Public Schools

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  • Fudan International School

    325 Guoquan Lu, near Siping Lu

    国权路325号, 近四平路

    6510 7760
    In 1950, Fudan University in Shanghai, China founded the High School Affiliated to Fudan University (FDFZ). In 2002, FDFZ expanded by establishing its International Division,...
    Fudan International School Shanghai
  • Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School

    380 Pubei Lu, near Guilin Lu

    浦北路380号, 近桂林路

    6436 3556
    Shanghai World Foreign Language Primary School is a private school founded in 1993. In 2013, the Xuhui District Education Bureau entrusted it to found the public health and...
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  • Aiju Primary School - International Division

    247 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu

    安福路247号, 近武康路

    5404 3697
    Aiju Primary School in Xuhui District, Shanghai, is a private school founded by Hong Kong's famous patriotic industrialist, former CPPCC member Liu Haoqing and his wife, Ms....
    Primary Schools
  • Shanghai Jincai International School

    26 Eshan Lu, near Yannggao Lu

    峨山路26号, 近杨高路

    5080 8887
    JCID is an all-through school (including kindergarten) with boarding and day options. Classes are taught in either English or Chinese, with a focus on ensuring international or...
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  • Xiwai International School, SISU

    1100 Wenxiang Lu, near Jiasong Nan Lu

    文翔路1100号, 近嘉松南路

    3772 7030
    Xiwai merges different English language curricula, teaching Cambridge courses initially and the AP to senior students (although the website states that the management are...
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  • Shanghai High School International Division (SHSID)

    2 locations in Shanghai:

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