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Silk Mandarin

  • Editor's Description

    Mandarin school with campuses in Shanghai and Suzhou, established through a Chinese and Dutch business partnership. The usual range of course options (intensive, part-time, online) is offered, as well as summer camps. Their learning philosophy claims to link Western and Chinese ways of learning, and all teachers have a university degree in Chinese. They also offer accommodation in Shanghai; there are hotel and homestay options.

  • Self Introduction

    Silk Mandarin is an innovative language schools in Shanghai. Founded in the year 2015 in Shanghai, it currently has two branches with the second being located in Suzhou which came about in the year 2018. Both the centers remain well-equipped and are situated in the centre of the city with modern amenities like shops, restaurants and banks close by. Classrooms at Silk Mandarin are equipped with interactive smart boards to teach Chinese with the help of their in-house developed teaching techniques. Besides the essentials to good teaching and learning, the school provides a lounge where students can meet and relax during breaks.

    The mission of the school is to assist in expanding the outreach of Mandarin and its innate beauty, and in doing so, deliver the highest quality of teaching to its students, regardless of their background or their age. With the intent of proving high quality teaching, the school has been appointing skilful and dedicated teachers (all working full-time). That besides, the school has developed a unique teaching concept that is yielding results beyond expectation.

    This unique teaching methodology is called “Slow Motion Technique”. This technique is meant to show the logic behind understanding Mandarin and more importantly, teaches the students Mandarin with just  rule instead of dozens which would otherwise confuse them.

    Silk Mandarin has also come up with a “Structure Map” which is an overview explaining the entire Chinese grammar on just one page. Another interesting technique is the “Magical Talking Cards” which includes a set of 600 flashcards with a special pen that makes the card talk when touched. It can also be used to record the student’s speech which makes learning easier for students and is the perfect tool to practice reading, listening and speaking.

    For the benefits of the students, the school has aligned its curricula with the official standardized tests used to determine the fluency of non-native Chinese speakers. HSK is thus for conversational Chinese and BCT for business Chinese.

    The most important part when learning a language, specifically one like Mandarin is to make students practice it in real life. It is important that the students take the process of learning outside the school for which the school has specifically designed several activities. One of them is the “Chinese Corner” where students are taken to a specific location where they are allowed to interact with the locals such as those in grocery shops or in the historical part of the city. This helps the students practice and communicate with the local Chinese given that many students come all the way to China to learn the language and discover China from within.

    • Year Founded 2015
    • Age of Students All ages
    • Number of Students 350
  • Tuition

    Group Class: 500 - 3,000rmb/week;

    Private Class: 150 - 250rmb;

    Please directly check Silk Mandarin's website for more information.

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  • Curriculum

    2 IN 1

    As the name suggests, the course provides double benefits to its students. In the first instance, students get to learn conversational Chinese, and secondly (for those who want it), the option of appearing for HSK exams at the same time. Using this curriculum, Silk Mandarin provides its students a practical and proficient course that quickly improves conversational Chinese while at the same time measures their proficiency levels against established scales. This course thus obviates the need to prepare separately for HSK exams and helps students save time and money.

    2 PLUS 1

    2 PLUS 1, focuses mainly on teaching Business Chinese/BCT with the basic curriculum being the same as in “2 IN 1”. In addition, it also teaches vocabulary, structures and phrases in different Business settings. This course provides a great insight into Chinese business culture, manners and etiquette, which is of paramount importance when doing business in China.

    To accommodate the wishes and needs of students, both the curricula can be followed using different courses with the intensive courses best suited for students wanting a deep knowledge of Mandarin in all its aspects including listening, speaking, reading and writing within a short span.

    For those short of time, the school provides part-time courses which can be taken according to one’s convenience like on weekdays, over weekends or in the evenings.

    Private Chinese lessons account for the utmost flexible and personalized lessons tailored as they are to students’ personal schedules and needs, while our Real-Life Online Course makes students feel like they are actually in a classroom together with the teacher, and in the case of a group class, also together with their classmates.”

    Key features of Silk Mandarin Teaching:

    Slow Motion Technique to explain Chinese with just one rule

    Structure Map to explain the entire Chinese grammar in one page

    Magical Talking Cards and Pen to help the students to remember characters and practice listening and speaking

    Curriculum 2 IN 1, where students learn conversational Chinese and at the same time have the option to take the HSK exam

    Curriculum 2 PLUS 1, where, on top of the 2 IN 1 curriculum, students learn Business Chinese

  • Class Size

    3-5 people

  • Teacher Demographics

    All our teachers are native to China and bilingual. They have a University degree in Chinese and their major is Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, they all have ample teaching experience. They are passionate about teaching Mandarin and will make sure you will love to learn this beautiful language.

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  • Extracurricular Activities

    Chinese Corner
    Hanzi Workshop
    Survival Chinese Workshop
    Foodie Workshop
    Trip & Excursion

  • School Facilities

    Silk Mandarin provides a lounge where students can meet and relax during breaks.

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