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Shanghai United International School, Gubei Campus

  • Editor's Description

    Shanghai United International School's Gubei Campus has a focus on integrating Eastern and Western educational models. Their core strengths are in possessing a bilingual model to education as well as an established visual and performing arts program which encourages student exploration.

  • Self Introduction

    Shanghai United International School Gubei Campus offers a broad, balanced and rigorous education in the context of an East meets West philosophy. We here at SUIS HQ-GB are proud to be able to offer our students an excellent all-round education which balances and integrates academic and community programs which will take our students successfully all the way from Grade 6 through to university entry after Grade 12. We believe in the concept of 'Brilliant Learners' which means we want our students to be independent learners for the rest of their lives. A SUIS HQ-GB education is for life.

    • Year Founded 2008
    • Age of Students
    • Number of Students 955
  • Tuition

    140,000 - 164,000rmb annually

  • Accreditations

  • Grades Offered

    Grades 1 -5 at feeder campus, SUIS HongQiao (HQ), Grade 6 -12 on SUIS Gubei Campus (GB)

  • Number of Nationalities

    38 different student nationalities, 15 different staff nationalities

  • School System

    Follows a Chinese School System, Follows a U.K. School System

  • Curriculum

    East meets West Curriculum, IGCSE, IB Diploma

  • Terms

    Two semesters: Sem 1 from September to January and Sem 2 February to June

  • Class Size

    East meets West (24), IGCSE (20), IB (15)

  • Teacher Demographics

    All teachers have attained a Masters Degree or a Bachelors Degree, a secondary school teaching qualification, and have a minimum of two years experience. Many teachers are IB and IGCSE Examiners and some are also IB workshop leaders. 75% of staff are international with half from the UK and North America. Oceana, Europe, Africa and Asia are also represented in our staffing body, and 25% of staff are Chinese.

  • Languages Taught

    Chinese, German

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Sports: Backgammon, Badminton, Boys Volleyball, Chess, Combat Theatre, Dodgeball, Girls Volleyball, Gym, Insanity, Judo, Qi Gong, Running Club, Street Dance, Table Tennis, U13 Boys Basketball, Yoga, Kongfu, Touch Rugby Competing Sports Teams: U13 Girls Basketball, U15 Girls Basketball, U19 Girls Basketball, U13 Boys Basketball, U15 Boys Basketball, U19 Boys Basketball, U13 Girls Football, U15 Girls Football, U19 Girls Football, U13 Boys Football, U15 Boys Football, U19 Boys Football, Jnr Badminton, Snr Badminton, Jnr Table Tennis, Snr Table Tennis, Touch Rugby, Swimming, Judo, U19 Girls Volleyball Chinese Culture: Calligraphy, Chess, Water Sleeve Dance, Embroidery, Majiang, Weiqi, Opera, Painting, Paper Cutting, Tea Ceremony Creativity: Cooking, Creative Writing Club, Young Entrepreneurship, Drone Technology, Sketch Club, Guitar Club, Bead It, Jewelry Making, Canvas Painting, Knitting and Crocheting, Lotions and Potions, Flower Arranging, Junior Orchestra, Mandala Design, Paper Craft, Photography Production: Cast, Costume and Set, Lights and Sound, Music. Reaction Lab: Film and Yearbook Service: Charity Work, MUN, Go Green, Roots and Shoots, WSC, Debate Club Ensembles: Jazz Band, Big Band, Snr Orchestra, Jnr Orchestra, Jnr Choir, Snr Choir, Traditional Chinese Ensemble, Rock Bands

  • School Facilities

    Restaurant, Library, Auditorium, Gym, Fitness Sweet, Drama Studio, Recording Studio, 8 x Sound Proofed Practice Rooms, Science Labs, Laboratory, Oral Recording Rooms, Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Football Pitch, Badminton Courts, Table Tennis Tables, Computer Labs, Coffee Shop

  • School Bus

    26 Buses servicing the Shanghai area