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Harrow International School Shanghai

  • Editor's Description

    Harrow Shanghai is a co-educational school for students aged 18 months to 18 years old, with teaching based on the English National Curriculum (IGCSEs followed by A Levels). It is the fourth international school in the Harrow family of schools. It boasts a flock of famous alumni, high academic standards, and a consistent international school house system.

  • Self Introduction

    Founded in 2016 as part of the Harrow Family of Schools, Harrow Shanghai is connected to 450 years of global excellence via the unique Harrow genetics which bind our schools together. A Harrow Shanghai education is based on the same ethos and identity that has characterised a Harrow education in the UK for centuries and here you will find a school where the best of Western and Eastern traditions, history and heritage are seamlessly fused.

    Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. Just like you, we believe that the happiness and success of your child are key foundations upon which their future is built; that is why we are a school where every child is valued, every child is encouraged to give their very best, and every child has the chance to grow in confidence by participating in a wide range of inspirational learning experiences, from the very first moment they walk through the door.

    We pride ourselves on being an extraordinary community where people really matter, results count and where a passion for excellence drives everything we do. We are committed to offering a real breath of education. We feed our pupils’ minds, but we also care passionately about their character development and their happiness.

    Our outstanding and highly qualified staff are dedicated to delivering a rich curriculum and programme of activities which challenge our pupils to explore ideas for themselves. Whether engaged in learning in the classroom, or through musical, artistic, sporting, enterprising or charitable activities, our pupils are encouraged to connect with their local, national and international communities and to have a desire to do good. Indeed, the School’s vision statement Leadership for a Better World focuses on aiming high, excellent service, and character education, which means that our pupils are prepared for life in the 21st century.

    Our approach to education means that Harrow Shanghai pupils achieve top examination results, and develop into interesting and compassionate young people with strong values, who have a desire to make a positive difference in the world they go on to shape – just as the great Harrovians of old.

    • Year Founded 2016
    • Age of Students 18 months to 18 years old
    • Number of Students 400+
  • Tuition

    Per annum ranges 230,000 - 320,000rmb

  • Testimonials

  • Accreditations

  • Grades Offered


  • Number of Nationalities


  • School System

    Follows a British School System

  • Curriculum

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    English National Curriculum

    IGCSE (Year 10-Year 11)

    A levels (Year 12-Year 13)

  • Teacher Demographics

    Average student-teacher ratio 5:1

  • Languages Taught

    English, Mandarin, Spanish, French

  • Extracurricular Activities

    On four afternoons a week our Senior, Prep, Pre-Prep and even Early Years students have access to the LIA programme. For our younger students in particular this is a journey of self-discovery. 

    To promote Leadership for a Better World through an outstanding education, involving academic achievement, a broad range of extra-curricular activities (Leadership and Service programme) and individual pastoral care are conducted. Leadership at Harrow Shanghai involves leading from the front and being an effective team player, while focusing on six key leadership attributes: Contributing positively to the community, Applying knowledge with compassion, Solving problems collaboratively, Solving problems creatively, Making just and responsible choices, Facing challenges with determination.

    Extracurricular activities take place everyday Monday to Thursday from 3-4pm. We are very proud that all of pupils are involved in the programme, from Early Years to Upper Sixth. This enables us to broaden the horizons of our pupils and ensure they experience a range of activities outside the academic curriculum.

  • School Facilities

    Harrow Shanghai features a two-storey library at the heart of the school (Simon Armitage), 12 Science laboratories, 25-meter swimming pool, double-sized sports hall, playing field (football and rugby pitch), roof-top running track, multi-use Early Years/P.E. room, rooftop gardens, computing suites, art and design studios, drama studio, music practice rooms, lecture theatre, auditorium, medical centre, and a comprehensive and effective air filtration system.

  • Scholarships Offered

    The ‘Shanghai Scholars’- A Level Scholarships Available in 2020/21

    The Churchill Scholarship (All-rounder Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels in a number of fields that make up daily Harrow School Shanghai life: academia, music, sport, drama etc.

    The Byron Scholarship (English and the Arts Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels in English and the arts (literature, theatre etc) more generally.

    The Strutt Scholarship (Science Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels in the study of science.

    The Pasmore Scholarship (Art Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels in the study and practice of visual arts. 

    The Fisher Scholarship (Mathematics Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels in the study and practice of mathematics. 

    The Fane Scholarship (Music Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels in the study and practice of music.

    The John Lyon Scholarship (Academic Award)

    Awarded to a student who excels across all fields of their academic studies.

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