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Kids 'R' Kids Shanghai

  • Editor's Description

    Kids 'R' Kids Shanghai is a bilingual kindergarten with three characteristics of children's bilingual education, STEAM course and flag football. It is committed to the comprehensive development of children. Bilingual education for children is mainly used to develop the development of written language, oral language and literary language ability of children in English and Chinese, and to cultivate children's bilingual reading habits. STEAM is a course that integrates science, technology, engineering, art, Math, and encourages young children to apply knowledge in practice through hands-on methods. The flag football is a popular sport originating from the National Football League of the United States. It stipulates that it is not allowed to hold and push people in the game. It is a safe "non-crash" sport, which is conducive to the development of children's sports. 

    • Year Founded 2016
    • Age of Students 2-6
    • Number of Students