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Magnolia Kindergarten

  • Editor's Description

    Pre-school for 2 to 6-year-olds in a traditional house on Jiangyin Lu, near People’s Park. It has 11 classrooms including special function rooms like a theater/music room, an arts and crafts studio and a discovery room. In addition to their professional Chinese instructors, they employ 10 foreign teachers from the US, UK, Venezuela, Spain, Canada, Belgium and France.

  • Self Introduction

    Magnolia is more than a school: we are a second home to children. Here students learn in a one-of-kind historical house made up of many cozy rooms, each with plenty of space for activities and learning.
    With a calendar full of cultural events, small classes (an average ratio of 3.8 students per teacher), and close family involvement, each child receives the high-quality, individualized attention they need to grow into bright students and contributing members of their community.

    • Year Founded 2014
    • Age of Students 2-7
    • Number of Students 120
  • Tuition

    11,000/month French-Mandarin Section

    13,000/month English-Mandarin Section

  • Grades Offered

    TPS (2-3 years) PS (3-4 years) MS (4-5 years) GS (5-6 years) CP (6-7 years); Nursery to Year 1

  • Number of Nationalities


  • School System

  • Curriculum

    British Early Years Foundation Stage

    French National

    Chinese National (Shanghai Bureau of Education)

  • Terms

    Regular School Semesters

    Summer Camp

  • Class Size


  • Teacher Demographics

    Our team is made up of enthusiastic teachers from all around the world.  In addition to our professional Chinese instructors, we employ 10 foreign teachers from native speaking countries.  Magnolia chooses experienced teachers with interesting backgrounds, talents they can share with the children, and high qualifications.

  • Languages Taught

    English, Chinese, and French

  • Extracurricular Activities

    Magnolia Kindergarten has a rich extracurricular program with classes like STEAM, Introduction to the Wild, Art & Art History for Kids, Tae Kwon Do, Zumba, Cooking, Swimming, plus all sorts of language classes.

  • School Facilities

    Located on Jiangyin Road, Magnolia is a one-of-a-kind historical building transformed to meet the needs of an international kindergarten in an international city. Cozy, spacious classrooms and activity rooms, including an arts studio, kid’s kitchen, library, plus more make up the unique campus.

  • School Bus

    Magnolia provides bus services to families living in the Puxi area within a 4 km range of the school.

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