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GoEast Mandarin

  • Editor's Description

    With a campus near Shanghai Library and a campus in Yangpu, GoEast Mandarin offers courses such as preparing for HSK exams, focus on characters, survival Chinese, spoken Chinese (to help you chat with friends), and business Chinese. Like most Chinese centers, here you can choose how you want to learn from offline group classes and 1-on-1 tutoring at their campuses, to online classes for those with busy, unpredictable schedules. For families, GoEast has special child-friendly classes (suitable for ages 4+) where the language is tailored to hold the interest of young kids to spirited teens. They also hold regular community events for their students, such as movie nights, mahjong lessons, and Chinese calligraphy sessions plus vocabulary workshops for language you may need to learn fast, e.g. how to talk to your Didi driver. 

  • Self Introduction

    GoEast Mandarin is a professional Chinese language school located in the heart of Yangpu and downtown Shanghai, also teaching online. Our teachers and language consultants work together to provide the best experience to every student – whether it’s for daily or business Chinese. Since 2012, over 90% of our students have renewed their package with us, and rate us 4.9 out of 5. Every instructor has a university degree in Chinese a linguistics related major, is a native speaker of Chinese, and is fluent in English. In addition to teaching, our team works together to help our language center grow with each instructor having a management role. And above all, our instructors are dedicated to helping you achieve your learning goals through fun, effective, and customized lessons. Our courses can be taken online, off site, or in person at a GoEast campus, where we regularly hold fun community building events.

    • Year Founded 2012
    • Age of Students All ages
    • Number of Students 1000+
  • Tuition

    Around 3,000rmb per level

  • Testimonials

  • Accreditations

  • School System

  • Curriculum

    Comprehensive Chinese, HSK Preparation, Business Chinese, Conversational Chinese, Chinese Characters, Advanced Chinese

  • Class Size

    3 to 6 students, or 1 on 1

  • Teacher Demographics

    All GoEast teachers are Chinese nationals, and BS, MS, or Ph.D. degree holders in a foreign language. Each has an average of 7 years of experience teaching Chinese to non-native Chinese speakers and undergo a 2-month intensive training program before they begin teaching at GoEast.

  • Languages Taught


  • Extracurricular Activities

    Cultural and Academic Events: Chinese tea tasting, Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese massage, Chinese cooking classes, calligraphy lessons, economic seminars, and HSK workshops, weekend getaway trips, movie nights, mahjong competitions.

  • School Facilities

    Both campuses have a café, terrace, and working area, as well as small-sized group class rooms and private class rooms, fitted with whiteboards and digital screens for blended learning.