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Sat Dec 3 2011-12-03 2011-12-03
'A Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time'
Editor's Description
A few people through a rather brief moment in time, is what its title says. A few bands will be playing, one a cello duet, the other a solo performance. Some new art will be on display from a locals, and all the door goes to a local charity. 15rmb including free drink

New work will be on display in the gallery by a local maker. Supporting music will be provided by:

Urban Female Plastic:This new duo from the United States presents a musical style that can best be described as szhizophrenic. Drawing from genres ranging from bluegrass to heavy metal to alternative rock, you'd think they would at least make things easy on themselves by adhering to the one common trait in all the songs they cover: the instrumentation. Nope. Instead they pump all these tunes out on electric cellos run through a wash of effects and blended in the oddest definition of the word "harmony" they could find.

Kuang Grade Mark Eleven: cyclical music

#302, Bldg 7B backside, 50 Moganshan Lu

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#302, Bldg 7B backside, 50 Moganshan Lu
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