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Noisy Days

Finished Ended on Sun Mar 1, 2015
Power Station of Art
200 Huayuangang Lu, near Miaojiang Lu


German curator Nicholas Bussmann hosts two days of genre-bending sound art / "noise as nois" at the Power Station of Art's third-floor theater space, bringing together a powerful lineup of Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish artists loosely grouped under the descriptor, "noisy." Bussmann says: "The truth, in the eyes of economists worldwide, is that of an incremental advantage: a signal relative to a noise. Deng Xiaoping’s famous: 让一部分人先富起来 'let a few be rich first' marks the end of an absolute truth based on ideology for China, and ultimately, the global hegemony of the concept of the sufficient truth of statistics, the relevant signal: The culture of advantage. This relative truth only exists against a backdrop of noise; but can noise itself be displayed? Noise, it seems, is only exhibited within an environment subject to a strict hygiene regime, a space cleaned to the utmost. However, noise is no longer presented; only the frame, the white wall remains. The noise has been domesticated."

He goes on at length here, mainly riffing on the idea that "noise" has become a "signal" due to academic codification and institutionalization via display in gallery and "art" contexts, etc etc.

Anyway, to counteract this "domestication" of noise (or to make it even more pronounce?), Bussmann throws a two-day event showcasing some people at the vanguard of noise as noise. Tickets are 100rmb at the door each day. Full schedule:

SAT February 28:
19:30-19:40 - Introduction by Nicholas Bussmann
19:45-20:30 - J. Cage Williams Mix by Werner Dafeldecker
20:40-21:20 - The News Blues concert version
21:30-22:10 - Yan Jun
22:20-23:00 - Sachiko M

SUN March 1:
14:30-17:00 - The News Blues workshop
19:30-20:15 - Mattin
20:25-21:10 - Otomo Yoshihide
21:20-22:00 - Torturing Nurse