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[Cancelled] Bane - China Tour 2015

Finished Thu Mar 5, 2015
851 Kaixuan Lu, by Yan'an Xi Lu (Entrance behind the Metro Station)


[Final Update: This just isn't happening, at all. Another band pulled out hardcore show this Thursday. Fans will need to wait until Friday the 13th at Inferno for a hardcore showcase.] [Major Update: So Bane can't make it due to visa issues. Instead, local hardcore bands Spill Your Guts, Loudspeaker, Blood Raven, and possibly Own Up from Beijing are throwing down. Cover has been reduced to about 30 or 40rmb. Should still be a really solid night out for hardcore. Starts at 9pm.] US hardcore heavyweights BANE return to China for their final, for real, last time ever, swan song tour. The band released their fourth and final studio album, Don't Wait Up, and are touring for that as they approach their 20th band anniversary. Tickets are 150rmb at the door. Starts at 9pm – don't be late and miss it.