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MIDI Festival 2015 (Taihu)

Finished Ended on Sun May 3, 2015
MIDI Taihu Festival Camp
Gelin Park, Taihu Lake, Wujiang province, Suzhou


One of China's oldest, rawest music festivals moves to Suzhou this spring for a three day festival during the May holiday. Pure rock and roll -- no electronic music or EDM. Expect a lot of true fans. Highlights include Residence A (Friday @ 2.50pm), Killswitch Engage (Friday @ 8.20pm), Nova Heart (Saturday @ 3.40pm), Dreamshade (Saturday @ 8.10pm), SUBS (Sunday @ 5.50pm). Tickets are 150rmb a day or 350rmb for three days at the door, or 120rmb/day and 300rmb/three days pre-sale. The site is 80km from the city center -- you're looking at at least 300rmb if you took a cab there. The other option is to take a train to Suzhou Railway Station and then take one of the MIDI buses (17rmb) or cab it from there ~100rmb. More information about transportation in Chinese on Douban. Runs from 1-10pm each day. Camping is an option. For a FULL lineup and complete time schedule, music links, etc., click here.