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Time Capsule: Allegories of Shanghai

Finished Ended on Mon Jul 13, 2015
Duolun Museum of Modern Art
27 Duolun Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu


Nothing if not ambitious, Time Capsule: Allegories of Shanghai is a group show that seeks to present the here and now of Shanghai culture. Aiming to measure a city in the throes of post-globalization, mass mobility, digital modernity and constant flux, it sees five international artists - spanning sound, installation and film - try to pinpoint what matters now, all based on months of research with local residents. To that end, you've got British music producer and composer Richie Fermie compiling city dwellers' favorite songs. The first of that series includes Pan Daijing (electronic) and Mindy Wang (guzheng), both of whom will be performing at the exhibition's opening. In terms of visuals, there's Argentinian artist Paula Zuccotti's documenting of the objects Shanghairen consumed and touched over the course of one day. Elsewhere, local techno artist MHP has created an interactive soundscape based on 24-hours of sensory experiences. Finally, Saudi artist Ghada Da seeks to present her spiritual experiences of the city. All sounds very... big. The private view, including that live performance by Pan Daijing and Mindy Wang takes place 19 June, 6:30pm through 8:30pm