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Shalanaya Festival

Finished Ended on Sun Sep 27, 2015
Shalanaya Festival Location
369 Yedang Village, Zhujiajiao Coordinates: 31°08'07.7"N 121°03'31.7"E


DJs dropping psytrance, psyambient, house, tech-house, cheap vegetarian food, a chai tent, fire dancers, cheap camping, two big bonfires, and a proper soundsystem. If you like drum circles and farrrrrr outtttt hippie dance music, this is probably your bag. "This is the closest vibe in China for a under the skies, open your heart, get in touch with your higher self, feel the energy of the music and connect as one on the dance floor.... " Organized by the people behind Shiva lounge, tickets range from 220rmb pre-sale to 300rmb at the gate. Goes from 5.30pm on Friday until about 11am on Sunday morning. Address: Address: Siji Baiguoyuan, Zhujiajiaozhen, 369 Shenjiadao Yetangcun, Qingpu District. Stay tuned for info about buses. Pre-sales and more info at