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Simple Life Music Festival

Finished Ended on Tue Oct 6, 2015
Expo Park
1750 Shibo Dadao, near Changqing Bei Lu


Welp, this festival started out sounding alright. Then they canceled their only two big international acts: Lauryn Hill and Rufus Wainwright. Now, the big international headliner is Macy Grey, and other acts include local stars Jolin Tsai, Peggy Hsu, and Tanya Chua. Last year's Television performance was quite underwhelming in terms of occupancy anyway. But that shouldn't really affect their target audience: Taiwanese pop music fans. This is the music festival where you'll find the most mainstream pop music lovers in China. Lots of teenage girls / boys crying in excitement beside your ears. Four stages, markets, workshops...lots to kill time if you don't dig the music. Tickets are 230rmb per day. Goes from 1-10pm each day.