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Play Back: Selected Works from the Pierre Huber Films and Video Collection

Finished Ended on Sun Nov 15, 2015
OCAT (Bei Suzhou Lu)
1016 Bei Suzhou Lu, near Wen'an Lu


Highly-recommended, super-dark, and memorable selection of 28 works by 11 international artists. PLAYBACK includes works by Elaine Sturtevant (US), Roman Signer (Switzerland), Li Binyuan (China), Annika Larsson (Sweden), Candice Breitz (South Africa), Sylvie Blocher (France), Maria Marshall (UK), Maria Friberg (Sweden), Mat Collishaw (UK), Sylvie Fleury (Switzerland), and Yoshua Okon (Mexico). Between them, they demonstrate diverse ways of representation through video art, film, installation and other artistic modes. The earliest dates from 1975 (Signer’s Luftkissen), with the most recent made as recently as 2013 (Li's Spring in The Sewer). As with other recent OCAT shows, they've played around with the space to create semi-enclosed spots, as well as TVs and small projections scattered throughout the space. Everything -- including the haunting kick drums -- fits together perfectly. Probably a bit too heavy for the kids, this one.