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Yang Jing Bang X Pirata

Finished Sat Mar 5, 2016
Pirata (Xinle Lu)
136 Xinle Lu, near Xiangyang Bei Lu


The postmodern pop-up dining series by Nathaniel Alexander (V/O/I/D) and friends continues, this time at popular Spanish / Japanese tapas spot Pirata on Xinle Lu. This month they're getting into Hunan cuisine, with meat from the "Two Black Head" pig, a.k.a. Panda Pig. Dishes include Hunan Porchetta sandwiches, Bone-free Lazi Ji, Oil Poached Gambas "al ajillo" and Double Pepper Aubergine on Toast. Read more about Yang Jing Bang in our interview with Nat. The name comes from the Yang Jing Bang creek, which is now Yan'an Dong Lu near The Bund. Back in the day, the creek separated the foreign neighborhoods from the rest of the city, and came to mean "an unorthodox way of doing things," according to the organizer." Runs from 12-4pm. Food and drinks from 40rmb.