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Thomas Feuerstein: Psychoprosa

Finished Ended on Sun Jun 26, 2016
Chronus Art Center
Bldg 18, 50 Moganshan Lu, near Aomen Lu


This sci-fi heavy exhibition is crazy and it's going on all month. The ever excellent Chronus Art Center hosts Austrian artist Thomas Feuerstein's first China solo. Called Psychoprosa, it comprises 19 artworks that come together to transform the gallery space into a kind of alchemist’s workshop-meets-modern laboratory. Merrily blurring borders between art and science, an overriding theme here is a future society shaped by biotechnological possibilities. Featuring all manner of test tubes, lab equipment and fridges connected through a system of flexible tubes transporting unidentifiable liquids and slimes, the immersive installation is apparently peopled by 'invisible' laboratory assistants, opening and closing refrigerators and overseeing experiments.