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Spring Wave Music Festival 2016

Finished Ended on Sun May 1, 2016
SmSh Territory


A bit like last year's Simple Life festival, Spring Wave also comes from Taiwan and has been around since 2006. This is their first year in Shanghai, with a decent, locally-focused line-up including mainstream pop groups and singers as headliners. Those include Soda Green, S.H.E, and Khalil Fong. According to their press release, the venue is "three times the size of Shanghai Stadium", with a "forest theme" on stage, and big plant and animal installments in the main area. Dishui Lake is a cool area – check our feature article. There is also a music competition, food zone and creative market. Tix for this one are a cool 198rmb for single days, or 360rmb for a two-day pass, available on Damai. Runs from 2.30-8pm each day. Note: just Dishui Hu alone is two hours by metro from the city center, and this festival is on an island over there, so definitely give yourself enough time for the journey. Address: Dishui Lake, West Island (浦东新区临港新城滴水湖西岛).