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Breakdance Battle In Shanghai 2016

Finished Ended on Sun May 29, 2016 , 12pm-10pm
Jingwu Stadium
715 Dong Tiyuhui Lu, near Zhongshan Bei Er Lu


The biggest breakdance battle in Shanghai -- and possibly the whole country -- returns to the city. Basically, you've got hundreds of professional breakdancers flying in from all over China, Russia, and Asia, to compete for glory and thousands of dollars in prize money. Here's a rough schedule: Thursday is the Sketchers Art of Dance Dance Camp; Friday is the Hip Hop/Locking/Popping/Breaking Crew; Saturday is the Rocking/B-Girl/Octogon & Boog Style/Wave Style/Funk Freestyle Sketchers World Wars; Sunday is the Hip Hop/Locking/Popping/Breaking Crew & Sketchers World Wars. You can also check the Battle In Shanghai official website for the latest info and photos from last year. There are also after-parties each night from 10pm. Thursday is at The Parrot, Friday is at The Shelter, and Saturday is at Reel To Reel.