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Zhou Xiaohu: 'Chimera'

Finished Ended on Sun Jul 10, 2016
Minsheng Art Museum
Bldg F, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu near Hongqiao Lu


Zhou Xiaohu takes center stage at Minsheng Art Museum's summer solo, Chimera. Renowned for pioneering animation art in China, Zhou has also made important works in video, photography, installation, and performance, often probing deep into the socio-political psyche of contemporary China -- something he describes as "Social Installation". Here, he mixes up Chinese philosophy and folk art with creative narrative and contemporary form to created a 'scene' spanning the entirety of the museum's main exhibition hall. With the help of four life-size puppets, he offers an interpretation in performance, video and story-telling of the Zhuangzi allegories, a famous collection of philosophical stories from the 4th century BCE.