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'The Legend of Time': Araki Nobuyoshi and Hiroshi Sugimoto Photography

Finished Ended on Thu Jun 30, 2016 , 11am
Je Fine Art Gallery
498 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu


As fellow first-class photographers in the world, Araki Nobuyoshi and Hiroshi Sugimoto are often put into juxtaposition for their works. About their differences, Hiroshi Sugimoto once said in a forum held at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, “Araki takes photos of sensual nudes of beauties while I prefer peaceful things.” Sugimoto is famed for his technical abilities and architecture, while Nobuyoshi is controversial and provocative. Sugimoto searches for images that transcend time, whereas Nobuyoshi's focus is on the human experience and time frame. Although these may appear to clash, in reality the two compliment each other. The exhibition is a showcasing of the two artists along side each other, celebrating thier differences and similarities simultaneously. 25rmb entry fee.