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Euro Cup 2016

Finished Ended on Mon Jul 11, 2016
Tap House (Yongkang Lu)
72 Yongkang Lu, near Xiangyang Nan Lu


All the Tap Houses will be broadcasting the Euro Cup matches until 2am (China time). The matches starting at 3am (China time) will not be broadcasted, except for the final match. Every Tap House will have raffles and special deals during the Euro Cup on Heverlee (Belgium wheat beer), Brooklyn IPA, Brooklyn Lager, and Magners Cider. The deal is different at each venue: Tap House Taixing: 40 rmb/pint. Tap House Yongkang: Buy two-get-one free. Tap House Hongmei: 3 pints for 100rmb. No entry fee.