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'Sickroom' Happening Art Exhibition

Finished Ended on Sun Nov 26, 2006
DDM Warehouse
750 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu


Sickroom? #14? What kind of the sickness? How did it come? Who the hell is the sick? Them or us? This group of people are taken as the unidentified sick. They live in the Sickroom #14. They are being observed, and observing the observers as well. Who on the earth belongs to this sickroom? Daily 11am-7pm. Free entry.

Besides the live show, some video installations will perform the interaction with the audience and the theater players. All the viewers and the viewees are inside and outside it at the same time. During the week after the theater show, all the props, installations, remnants, and image and video archives will be shown as a "happening art" exhibition.

"Company Niao" is defined by the international media as a "post-modern dancing company". The previous work by this company "Tongue's Memory to the Home" just took the ZKB Award, the 1st prize of Zurich Theather Spektakel 2006 in Switzerland. As one of the very few groups in mainland China, which are exploring the possibilities of "Physical Theater", Company Niao's latest production "Sickroom #14", which will be staged at DDM Warehouse, is one other physical theater experimentation.