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Felix Gonzalez-Torres

Finished Ended on Sun Dec 25, 2016
Rockbund Art Museum
20 Huqiu Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu


Rockbund Art Museum hosts the first ever China-side exhibition of late, great American artist, Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-1996). Renowned for his unconventional methodology and poignancy, the retrospective includes over 40 pieces made between 1987 and 1994. Concerned with the tension between public and private, the shared and the personal, many of the artist’s works feature everyday objects, such as strings of light bulbs, mirrors, wall clocks or printed sheets of paper. Others comprise spilled candy, mirrors, and jigsaws. Expect large-scale works, themes of love and, the uncanny passage of time and a whole lot of quirkiness. Highly recommended.