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Li Hongbo + Shi Ningfang: Truth

Finished Ended on Sat Oct 29, 2016
Gallery Magda Danysz
188 Linqing Lu, near Yangshupu Lu


Magda Danysz Gallery presents a group show of two artists this fall: Li Hongbo and Shi Ningfang. Li's known for his classical-looking sculptural busts that, on closer examination, are made of layer upon layer of paper to fold out, concertina-like. They're pretty clever, and super intricate. He'll be sharing the space with Jilin-born Shi Ningfang, whose work focuses on the link between traditional Chinese and contemporary art, paradoxes and distortions. Like Li Hongbo, she plays on assumptions of materials - in this show, a bronze bell becomes squidgy and soft, for example. The show opens on Saturday, September 10, 4-7pm.