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IdleBeats: Tale of Two Cities 2

Finished Ended on Mon Jan 9, 2017
SmSh Territory


Shanghai's favorite screen-printers Idle Beats hosts the second in exhibition series, Tale of Two Cities. This time around, the studio has teamed up with Sticky Fingers Art Print in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to present a bunch of new works by artists working in each city. Specifically, that includes brand new portrait series Statue by Idle Beats' co-founder Nini Sum, while her partner-in-art Gregor Koerting presents ongoing series, Real Big City. Alongside will be Sticky Fingers' bold, passionate and psychedelic reflections of Cambodia. Art agency and mag Neocha made a film documenting the collaboration - catch that at the opening on Saturday 10 December, 1-7pm where the studio is also offering a tempting 20% off prints. Bldg 2, 65 Songyuan Lu, entrance on Huangjincheng Lu