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'Chemerical': Spring Cleaning Week Film Screening

Finished Thu, Mar 23, 2017 , 6.30pm
WeWork (Yanping Lu)
135 Yanping Lu, near Wuding Lu


Green Initiatives' 74th film screening featuring Chemerical, observing Spring Cleaning Week. Chemerical investigates the life cycle of everyday household cleaners and hygiene products to prove that, thanks to our clean obsession, we are drowning in sea of toxicity. The documentary from Andrew Nisker, the creator of the award winning film Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home looks closely at the products we use in our homes and on our bodies to inspire us to live toxic free. An entrance fee of 50rmb for all registered guests includes vegan snacks, juice and beer. 70rmb at-the-door for non-registered guests. 20rmb for students / interns (limited seats), with valid proof of participation and student card.