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Gardi Hutter and her Clown Theatre

Finished Ended on Sun Jun 4, 2017
Majestic Theatre
66 Jiangning Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu


Clown Hanna plays with existential troubles. Her stories - wordless, but full of gibberish - are tragi-comic parables of a hopelessly brave woman and her comic struggles with life: disheveled and furious, nasty and crazy, touching and poetic. In each show, she creates an absurd universe, a kind of a Donna Quixote fighting windmills. She always fails – but in a brilliant way. “Comic phenomenon” Gardi Hutter studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts of Zurich and has performed in 32 countries around the world her almost wordless solos uncover tiny, absurd universes in which the characters put up a brave but forlorn fight for happiness. Don’t miss this unique show in Shanghai.